By: Lime Green Giraffe Event Co-Director, Emily B.

The start of a new year is the start of new changes and, if you're like me, you feel the need to switch things up in your life. At this time you may want to change your backpack, your Instagram name, your identity (9 out of 10 people would not recommend this), and especially your room. There are ways to do it all. But where do I start?” Great question inquisitive reader! In this particular situation, redecorating your room is a pretty good option. This is your guide to interior design.

There are six simple steps! Wow, try saying that ten times fast; six simple steps, six sipple stips, sey simppy stix. Nope, can't do it. These steps won't be as challenging as that was as long as you go in order. It’s not logical to buy a bed before you know the size of your room. Before you begin, I suggest getting a pad of paper, a tape measure, a pen/pencil, a parent of choice, and a Pinterest account might help too. Throughout your planning you’ll be taking notes and discussing your ideas with others. Now, it’s time to begin.
Step 1: Measure! Rooms come in all different shapes and sizes, so it's important to understand what you're working with. This is where some of the supplies comes in. Use your tape measure to find the length of each wall, width of the room, and height of the room. Keep in mind that doorways , windows, or closets that divide a wall are still included in the length of a wall.
ProTip: Make notes on the side of your paper recording your measurement of any particular division.
Clear as mud? Perfect. Record all the data you collected on a piece of paper that you WILL NOT lose. It helps to have a friend hold one side of the measuring tape, unless you're like me and friends are rare resources. In that case just stack books on one side of the tape and back up slowly with the other end. You do what you gotta do.
Step 2: Discover the style! Just like clothes, rooms give off vibes about personalities and inspire the moods of the people who live in them. There are so many different options when it comes to style- hipster, vintage, modern, boho, chic. Like I said, SO MANY! That Pinterest account I mentioned may help a little here, but if Pinterest is not accessible to you, then here's an overview of the five basic styles:
   Hipster: very rustic setting, lots of tapestry and fairy lights, colors are washed out, air plants and succulents are interpreted into the design, there's a very cozy/chill vibe.
   Vintage: polaroids and a record player, this room has an older looking setting with curved bed frames and black and white paintings on the walls, normally the color pale pink and flowers are used, the room gives off a very sweet and creative vibe.
   Modern: lots of geometric shapes, objects containing shiny metals such as rose gold or bronze are used, white desks and clear chairs, objects have very clear cut edges, this room feels very clean and open.
   Boho: a very Native American feel to it, there's lots of lace, dream catchers and natural mobiles hang on the walls, there's plants and symbols that relate to zodiac signs and the earth in general, the vibe is very earthy and adventurous.
   Chic: pastel colors and fluffy rugs, throw pillows with cute quotes are strewn throughout, often there are sheer curtains and spherical lantern lights that give this room a nice glow, dwellers of this room often feel joyful, giddy, and snuggly.
Step 3: Choose a color scheme! Now for my biggest advice, redoing a room isn't cheap and you want to create a setting that you won’t get bored of, so choose colors that you KNOW you will still enjoy throughout high school. This often includes, but is not limited to, lights greys, blues, pale pinks, or colors that you feel will compliment your personality and put you in a good mood. Local home supply stores have paint chips and if you look up color schemes online, infinite ideas will pop up.
ProTip: Don't make colors too complicated or specific because you want to find objects and bed sheets that fit your scheme.
Step 4: Budget! Oh no, don't you back out now, you knew this was coming. For those who may need a summary, budgeting is creating an estimated price that you need to stick to and not go over. I recommend finding the price of paint and bedding items because they tend to be the most important aspect of your room, and add some extra funding for a desk and other knick knacks that enhance your style. Keep in mind that not everything has to be new. There are lots of second hand stores that have fantastic items used for interior design.
Step 5: Design! You know your color scheme, the measurements of your room, and what style you are going for. Now create a basic design plan showing where you want things placed in your room, what you want to hang on your wall, and even the specific details for the location of fancy pillows. Research is also needed in this part, including the measurements you took. Find the length and width of the bed, chairs, and bookshelves you want. They may not fit in your room, or you could have extra space for something else. Remember not to over plan too much furniture, you still need space to walk around or have friends sit and chat with you.
Step 6: Shop! This is the final step- it's time to GO CRAZY (but not too crazy). Hit up the stores near you and buy all your wants and needs for your about-to-be perfect room. It's important to remember your budget and keep in mind that getting attached to everything could hurt you in the end, because things will be returned. Search for coupons in magazines and newspapers so that you have more money to save for later or spend on something you didn't think you could afford. I often download the app of the stores I go to because there are usually awesome discounts on the items I want. Feel free to change up your design a little because you won't necessarily find the specific dream catcher or desk chair that you were expecting. You could change a vertical book shelf to 2x3 cubbies or decide on different bed sheets, just make sure that everything follows your style and color scheme. All that's left is setting up your room. Have fun!

Now you know, and all it took was six sumple stips… SIX SIMPLE STEPS! A Change in environment is not only fun, but it helps to stay motivated and organized. Stay tuned for a change next time in, To Canada or Mexico: Guide to a New Identity”!

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