By: Lime Green Giraffe Service Director, Sydnie C. 

Social media created the phenomenon of "going viral." First the concept applied to a widely shared video or post but it has a rapidly evolved as social media has grown more popular. Certain pictures and videos do go viral but to a greater extent with social media apps like Twitter and Instagram. These posts have become so prevalent on social media that they now compose a social media "culture." These hilarious viral postings are referred to as memes. Below I have listed popular memes that are taking the Internet by storm:

Mocking Spongebob 

May (when this article was written) has given us yet another Spongebob-centered meme, following Caveman Spongebob, Panicking Mr. Crabs, and others. Like the name implies, this meme literally features Spongebob mocking something. Much like the other Spongebob related memes, this one is also destined to be short lived. 

Blinking Man
Sometimes the most mundane activities are embraced by the Internet and subsequently become viral. An example of this is best seen with the blinking man, in which a man blinks for an entire GIF. The GIF is often used to represent when you’re shocked by an outcome, even when you shouldn’t really be. 

Confused Lady 
This meme completely encapsulates how you feel when you’re completely confused. 

Random Memes to Send to the Group Chat about the Group Chat

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