By: Sarah K.

            Hailey stared at her reflection in the mirror. Even in her black, sparkling, flowy dress and wearing make-up, something was missing.
            She stepped back from the mirror and sighed.
"It has to do." She said, sounding slightly disappointed.
            Hailey took a deep breath and opened the door. She knew her little sister would tease her about how she had dressed up. But her sister wasn't waiting outside the door to tease her.
Thank goodness.
            She looked around. Her sister was watching T.V. like they always did on the New Year's Eve. Hailey walked over and put on her high-heels. She cringed as she walked down the stairs, she knew sneaking past her sister would be impossible with these shoes.
"HEY!" Hailey's sister shouted.
            Hailey froze.
"Please don't tease me,” Hailey said under her breath.
"You gonna say hello to your boyfriend?" Her sister said, adding, "Not like you'd ever have one."
            Hailey pretended to have not heard her. This happened a lot, why did it still get to her?
I do have a boyfriend.
"What boy would ever find you attractive?" Her sister continued.
            Hailey gritted her teeth and walked down the stairs. Her sister did this every time she was dressed up and left the house.
"Mom, I'm ready to go!" Hailey said, fighting back a remark. Her mom came from the kitchen with the car keys.
"You look very nice!" She said, smiling cheerfully. Hailey smiled and nodded slightly.
At least Mom thinks so.
            Hailey and her mom got in the car and her mom pulled out of the driveway. It was a short drive. Only five-minutes to the to the skyscraper-y building where the party was being held.
            Hailey got out of the car and her mom rolled down the window.
"If you need me, text me."
"Okay, Mom."
            Hailey walked up to the steps and pushed open the doors. The room was dark, but filled with purple lights. The first face she saw was her friend Alice.
"Hailey! Glad you could make it!" Alice exclaimed.
"Me too," Hailey said, smiling.
"Nice dress, by the way." Hailey smiled and entered the party. She then saw Lillian, another friend.
"Hi, Lillian." She waved. Lillian grinned and waved to her. Lillian never talked much.
            Hailey made her way up to the roof, where the party goers seemed to be most concentrated. She walked past the crowd of people and went over to the railing to watch the fireworks.
            She sat down on the ground, leaning on the railing.
I am so...tired.
            She started to doze off. The next thing she knew, she heard people counting and screaming. Had she fallen asleep that long? She saw Alice running towards her.
"15 SECONDS!" Alice squealed in excitement. She helped Hailey up and they both ran to the crowd of screaming and cheering people.
"FIVE. FOUR. THREE. TWO. ONE." Everyone cheered.
            Then everyone screamed. It was almost overwhelming for Hailey. She covered her ears until the screaming was done. She then went downstairs and joined a conversation with Lillian and Alice until she got a text from her mom.
"I have to go." Hailey said.
"Aw. Okay, see you soon, Hailey!" Alice waved goodbye.
"I guess I'll see you soon?" Lillian waved as Hailey was walking to the door.
"Yeah, I guess so."

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