By: Lime Green Giraffe Social Director, Mimi M.

Destinations are trips for Girl Scouts 11+ that range from so many different topics and places that it is impossible to describe them all. The trips are set every year; some stay the same just with different dates, and some new ones are added depending on special events happening during the coming year. Different Destinations have different opportunities, so the cost changes with each different trip. The trips are in different places; some may be near you, some may be across the country, or some are even in different countries! Depending on what you are interested in, and your age, you could go on many cool trips, as there are many different Destinations for all sorts of things, such as STEM, outdoor, animals, and even international! 
               Destinations are great travel experiences as you can explore different places of the world. You also can learn so much while doing it! Meeting girls from different parts of the country is also a benefit of going on a Destination. Another plus of apply for a Destination is that you will most likely visit some tourist attractions, museums or famous landmarks depending on the theme and location of your Destination. You will be able to experience the world around you when you go on a Destination; by going to new places, meeting new people and learning more about things that interest you. 
              The first Destination I went on was going to go see the total solar eclipse in 2017. We stayed at Girl Scout Camp Wabaak in South Carolina. We stayed in South Carolina because it was in the path of totality. We went to many museums, learned all about eclipses, and also learned quite a bit about telescopes. During the course of the Destination we made models of the eclipse with yardsticks, and made some pinhole projectors to use when we watched the eclipse 

On the day of the eclipse, it was cloudy, so we could only see the eclipse for a few minutes at a time. We were extremely scared that we would not be able to see totality, but the clouds parted just enough at the right moment to see totality. The sky grew dark, bats flew out of the woods and an owl flew from a tree overhead. The temperature dropped, and the moon completely covered the sun. After the eclipse, we camped outside in tents for the night, and went stargazing with our new binoculars. With the help of NASA specialists, we saw Jupiter and its moons through a telescope, and we could see millions of stars and constellations.   

My Destination was a great experience. I think all Girl Scouts should definitely apply to be part of a Destination. Go to this website to look at and apply for your next adventure!

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