By: Emma B.

Being a Girl Scout without a troop is often seen as something akin to a boat without a harbor or a fangirl without a fan base. In fact, some people think it’s impossible to even be a Girl Scout without being part of a troop but this is simply not true.
A girl can be a Girl Scout with the same adventures and privileges as any other girl in a troop. The word for such a phenomenon is a Juliette Girl Scout. Juliette Girl Scouts are just as amazing, talented and incredible as any other Girl Scout.

What is a Juliette Girl Scout?
Well when trying to explain who a Juliette Girl Scout is, it is helpful to have a basic definition.
According, to the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta website, a Juliette Girl Scout is “… for a girl who registers in Girl Scouts individually, rather than as part of a specific pathway.” Juliette Girl Scouts often work alone or in very small groups with only one or two adult volunteers at a time.
This is great but I needed more information. So I conducted an interview with the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta’s Girl’s Experience Coordinator, Kathryn Schroeder, to get more details.  

The Interview:
Lime Green Giraffe:  The definition of a Juliette Girl Scout is simply a Girl Scout who doesn’t have a troop. So, what limits does this type of girl member have?
Ms. Schroeder: “So the technical term is: a single registered member. What kind of limits does she have? Not many. She can sell cookies, she can earn badges, and she can go camping.”

Later, in the interview Schroeder did say that in order for a Juliette Girl Scout to sell cookies, she cannot keep the money for herself. If a Juliette Girl Scout sells Girl Scout Cookies she has to sell them through a host troop or group and the money has to go into an independent “Juliette” account that is for Girl Scout purposes only and that is managed by the Girl Scout council directly.

LGG:  What types of badges and awards can a Juliette Girl Scout earn?
Schroeder: “She can earn the same awards as any Girl Scout. We do try to incorporate some Juliette only activities into our program once or twice a year.” 

She also stated that this weekend (at the time of writing this article), that Juliette Girl Scouts were going to the Atlanta Zoo to celebrate their Girl Scout Cookie sales.

LGG:  What are the qualifications for someone to stay a Juliette Girl Scout, by that does a Juliette Girl Scout still have to do a specific badge path or can they simply create their own to some degree?
Schroeder: “They must have a grown-up to help but what projects they do or badges they earn is up to them. Being a Juliette Girl Scout is really good for girls who are incredibly busy or who have dance and soccer. They can still stay in Girl Scouts.”

This interview gave me some much needed insight as to what it means to be a Juliette Girl Scout. With that, comes this question, how do you know when you want to be a Juliette Girl Scout?

A Few Possible Reasons to become a Juliette Girl Scout:
So with more information, one might be curious as to why someone would want to be a Juliette Girl Scout.
Well, surprisingly, I think, the most common reason could be time. Many girls, for one reason or another, can’t be with their normal troops all of the time which can cause a problem for both parties involved. Not only do some girls feel incredibly bad about not being able to support their troop members but the troop also suffers from the lack of contact with the girl.
            If she becomes a Juliette Girl Scout, there might be more time for her to focus on her own intentions and badges and still collaborate with her original troop every now and then.
            Another reason a girl might want to be a Juliette Girl Scout is independence. Sometimes girls, though they have aspects of their troop that they like, they are unsatisfied with their troop as a whole. Now, granted even if you love your troop not everything is going to go your way all of the time. However; if you feel like your troop is lacking in something, being a Juliette Girl Scout can be a nice way to still stay a Girl Scout. I do recommend talking to your troop before you make any decisions.
            There are also girls who prefer being alone. Perhaps, more introverted people or simply people who don’t like large groups, can often struggle in bigger troop settings. Being a Juliette Girl Scout can provide a nice alternative for those who still want to be in Girl Scouts yet prefer to work alone or with one or two close friends who meet up on occasion.
            Whatever, your preference on being a Juliette Girl Scout is, let one thing be known, all of it is okay. Whether you prefer a large troop or just you and a friend, being a Girl Scout is a way you spend your time. You can do it anyway you want, as long as you are happy and having fun.

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  1. Great Job Emma. Always so proud of you and your GS Journey. ❤️