By: Lime Green Giraffe Networking Manager, Emily B. 

       This place is a war zone. It’s a modern day Hunger Games of complete chaos and anarchy that invokes immense fear in anyone that roams the battlefield. Many survivors have been scarred for life and the present attendees can’t escape. Need I say more? This is middle school.
       Most people would agree that middle school was probably one of the darkest moments of their life and some can’t recall most of it. It’s almost as if a pubescent spirit had possessed their minds during that three-year time period and took control of their thoughts and actions. Nothing else could explain the torment that they had instilled upon others. But why? Why is middle school such a prison and why is it so terrible compared to everything else in life? I have a theory, and a good one at that, so listen close because I am about to blow the top off of this Hunger Games Arena.
      The concept of middle schools was originally introduced in 1909 in an Ohio school district, mostly to keep the population in the schools at a manageable size, but I don’t think that was the truth. I think, the truth was that teachers and parents needed to create a “bridge school” between the pure innocence of little kids and the gradual maturity of older teens. To reiterate, my theory, middle schools were created purely to separate the kids with confusing hormones from other people. Administrators didn’t want middle schoolers near little kids or else the younger grades would start looking up to them and the middle schoolers couldn’t be with the high schoolers or else the older teenagers would get too annoyed but then that only leaves the middle schoolers to learn about life and maturity with each other. Hence the chaos and anarchy. It doesn’t stop there.
      I am under the belief that the small taste of power given to the kids in grades six through eight has turned them ruthless and craving more. And don’t think that as a high schooler I am pointing fingers and blaming younger generations for being awful people. No, trust me, because I understand feeling power and control in a middle school for the first time. Being able to walk the halls in between classes and break dress codes, invokes a natural law. This natural law being that students now have a choice. They have a choice between right, wrong, leader, follower, and this is extremely dangerous because now it is all a game; it’s a battle plan. What decisions can a person make to receive the most power and fear from other students? Some people (I trust everyone knows the type) are very good at this game, others (AKA me) not so much.
    But does the game really matter? Everyone in the school is still terrified, even the teachers. Middle school is the area after all and once you get to high school, nobody cares and nobody has the time to care about power and choice. So I suppose the ultimate truth about middle schools would be that in the end, none of it matters anyway.

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