By: Sarah K.

            I stared into the ice of the glacier. A dragon appeared to be moving around inside of it. I looked at Myra, who was glaring at me suspiciously.
            “What’s a dragon doing in a glacier?” I asked.
            Myra raised her eyebrow. “Ice dragon probably. Might be her den.”
            I shrugged and started walking towards the glacier. It looked nothing like a den from where we were standing.
            “Ava, what are you doing? If we go in there, she’ll kill us!” Myra hissed.
            “It doesn’t look very much like a den, I’m going to look at it from the outside, not go inside.”
            Myra sighed and looked up at the dragon as I continued to walk towards its “den.” Even from my new viewpoint it didn’t look remotely like a den.
            “Myra, have any dragons ever been caught in a glacier or under some ice?” I asked.
            “… Yes, just not ice dragons…” She replied.
            I shrugged. Myra continued to stare at me, her expression slowly getting more suspicious and annoyed.
            “If you are about to say that the dragon is trapped and we should save her, I will be turning around and walking home.”
            “You could do that, I’d rather you not.”
            I started getting closer to the glacier. The ice was beautiful like glass, but I wasn’t here to admire it.
            Where can I get into this glacier… That dragon got inside somehow, there should be a way.” I stared into the ice and finally saw an entrance.
            “Myra, are you coming?” I asked.
            “Yeah, I guess…” She said.
            We started to go towards the entrance and as we were walking, I began to realize just how massive this dragon was. We soon came to the entrance. It was just big enough for us to enter, but it was shrinking quickly. Both of us ran quickly through the entrance as it closed behind us.
            I looked at Myra, seemed like we wouldn’t be able to escape easily if we had to. We then stared at the massive icy blue dragon ahead of us.
            The dragon didn’t look ready to kill and eat us for dinner, but she didn’t look like she was going to sit around and tell us stories either.
“Finally, someone has decided to come let me out.” The dragon said, flicking her tail.
            Myra and I were shocked, dragons usually don’t talk.
            “Never seen a dragon talk?” The dragon asked, looking slightly confused, but otherwise calm.
            To tell the truth, neither of us had heard a dragon talk before.
            “Never.” Myra said, shaking.
            “Hm.” The dragon said, stretching her wings.
            “We are here to free you.” I said, trying not to sound as afraid as I was.
            The dragon nodded and Myra stared at me and mouthed “How are we even going to do that?” I glanced at her staff. She turned pale.
            “My magic isn’t even reliable!” She blurted out.
            The dragon stared at her. “Magic? What?” She asked, glancing at both of us curiously.
            “Fire magic to melt the ice..?” I said slowly.
            “It’ll work.” The dragon said.
            The dragon seemed to realize she had forgotten something. “Also, my name is Kiara, so you all don’t have to call me ‘dragon.’” She said, smirking slightly.
            I looked at Myra, “Do you think you can melt the ice?”
            “Maybe. I wouldn’t be too hopeful.” She replied.
            I nodded. “Okay.”
            Myra looked down at her staff, took a deep breath, then channelled as much energy into her staff, causing it to glow red. She then shot the fire towards the exit of the glacier, melting it.
            “Good job.” Kiara said.
            Myra rubbed her eyes for a second and exhaled slowly. Magic, especially fire magic, is exhausting.
            “Now, would you care to assist me with a quest that I have been attempting to complete for 200 years?” Kiara asked.
            I looked at Kiara for a moment.
            “Sure.” I said.
            “What is it?” Myra asked, barely able to keep her eyes open.
            “Freeing the world’s humans and dragons from the reign of the current dragon king.”
            I thought for a second. How were we going to defeat a dragon king? Myra and I were just teenagers, not fully trained knights.
            “Alright.” I said, after a while.
            Kiara nodded and smiled, then lowered her wings to the ground. I stared blankly at her for a moment.
            “Climb on my back, it’ll be faster if we fly.” She said, sighing slightly, almost in annoyance.
            “Okay.” I said.
            I climbed onto Kiara’s back, and then helped Myra up as well. We all exited the glacier, and then took off.
            It was much colder up here, but it was beautiful as well. The clouds were white and wonderfully fluffy.
            Slowly, a dark mountain emerged from the blue skies. It looked quite ominous from here.
            Soon enough, we landed on an outcropping of rock on the side of the mountain. There was a massive entrance to a cave in front of us. I shuddered slightly.
            “How do we plan on defeating this guy, Kiara?” I asked.
            “Two of us must distract him, another must smash a magical crystal. Once the crystal is destroyed, he will return to the realm he came from.”
            I looked at my hands, then at Kiara.
            “But I don’t have anything to smash the crystal with…” I said.
            “Legend says a sword is in his treasure collection. Only that can smash the crystal.” Kiara said, staring into the darkness of the cave.
            I nodded and hopped off Kiara’s back. Myra came shortly after. We started walking into the cave.
            First, it was completely dark. I walked with my hand on the wall, occasionally tripping. The deeper we got into the cave, the more there started to be a glow ahead. Soon enough, it was bright enough to see by. Then we entered a massive room.
            Mounds of treasure lay on the ground, all of it seemed to be glowing somehow. And then, there was the massive black dragon in the center of the room.
“This treasure is quite amazing, these dragons must have worked rather hard to get it.” The dragon laughed.
            Myra and I stared at the dragon, in amazement and fear. Kiara tapped her tail on the ground and we were startled back to focusing.
            “Find the sword.” Kiara whispered, looking at Myra then me.
            “I’ll find the sword.” I whispered, not even thinking.
            To be honest, it wasn’t the smartest idea I’d ever come up with, I’m not good at finding things, and I probably wouldn’t be able to lift a sword able to smash a crystal keeping a massive dragon in a world, but I didn’t want to make Myra do it either.
            Kiara nodded slightly, raising her eyebrow slightly, as if she knew it was a bad idea for me to find the sword. She ran towards the dragon, ready to attack. The other dragon immediately stood up and prepared to defend himself.
            Myra fired magical bolts of energy at the dragon, but no matter how devastating they’d be to a human, they did pretty much nothing to the dragon.
            I took the time that Kiara and Myra were giving me to find the sword. I ran around the mounds on treasure, trying to find something that looked slightly like a sword, but I had no luck. There were mirrors, chunks of gold, armor, jewels, shields, and a sword with a hilt covered in jewels that appeared to be glowing ever so slightly, but no— wait! A sword?
            I looked at the sword for a second. Could that be the sword we were looking for? I yanked the sword out of the mound of gold and jewels, and then started looking for the crystal, even faster than before. More jewels, sapphires, rubies, diamonds, every kind of gem imaginable, but where was the crystal?
            I saw another mound, with more gems, and a dark purple one with teal lightning inside of it.
            That must be it!” I thought. I grabbed it and put it on the ground, raised the sword above my head, and sent it crashing down on the crystal, smashing it.
            The lightning went everywhere, zapping the mounds of treasure, until it final hit the black dragon. It roared in shock and rage as a purple rift opened behind it, dragging it in with the sword and the shards of the crystal.

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