By: Lime Green Giraffe Social Director, Emily D. 

It’s time to shed some light on some myths about people who are excited -- you know them -- and to learn a little about me. So, here it goes. 

4 Myths about People who are Excited (In my opinion) 
  1. People think that excited people are irresponsible. (Umm…no.) 
  2. People think excited people are always excited and that they don’t enjoy being quiet or just reading. (Umm…no.) 
  3. People sometimes think excited people easily lose sight of goals. (Umm…no.) 
  4. People sometimes think excited people are weird because they don’t always do the “acceptable” thing. (Umm…who decides what is acceptable?) 
4 of the Best Things About Me (and yes, I am sometimes excited!) 
  1. I am not afraid to speak up about issues that concern me. 
  2. I am very creative. 
  3. I am really good at making smiles! 
  4. If I fail, I will try again.  

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