By: Lime Green Giraffe Marketing Manager, Kennedy J. 

 In March 2016, my brother Cameron and I lost our best friend, Marley.  Marley was a beautiful apricot colored toy poodle who was given to us by our godfather. Marley was the love our lives. His hyperactivity and fearlessness got us through some very hard times.   
Like so many dogs, Marley was a great companion. Marley would always wake Cameron up on time right before the alarm clock sounded. He would not stop barking until Cameron got out of bed. 
 If I could choose one of my favorite memories, it would be when Marley loved on my 82-year-old grandmother who had Alzheimer's Disease. Every time my Grandmother would visit, she would always share her dinner with him.  After dinner, Marley would place his head on her lap and just love on her.  He was the greatest dog. 
Then there was that horrible night. Late on one March night, Marley refused to stop barking. Marley needed to go to outside!  It was raining and my mom let him out to use the bathroom.   
When we woke up later we expected Marley to be on the porch lying next to the front door as he had done so many times but we were shocked to find no Marley.   
So, Cameron and I started to yell his name but our best friend wasn't responding. Cameron ran down the driveway and looked down the street. He started screaming and crying because he saw Marley. Marley was lying at the entrance of the church parking lot. He was lifeless. We found his favorite blanket, wrapped him in it and carried him away.  
When I think back over that night, Marley would not have died if we would have leashed him and took him outside. What a simple way to protect the one we loved? As a result of Marley's death, I have chosen to bring awareness of the importance of leashing your dog!  If you LOVE 'em then LEASH 'em

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