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Are you transitioning to a new school? You might feel especially if you graduated in the spring and are now starting a new school year at a new school. But don’t worry, making this change can be fairly simple. Hopefully, this article will help you have a good, easy life and it only takes a few minutes to read!  

Understanding the Transition
·      Get the form as soon as possible from your new school. Since you are transitioning, the only way that can happen is if you get the form.
Yep, paperwork is the first step.

·      Get the school supply list and start shopping! When it is back to school season, usually the school's name and supply list will be at the entrance as soon as you enter Walmart or any other store. If it is not there, try another store or look online. If you still can't find the supply list, contact the school for the supply list and information.

·       Make sure your understands the importance of transitioning to a new school. Talk to your parents. Why do they want you to make this change? Is it because they want you to attend a better school? Was there a school shooting and your parent thinks you should attend a different school?

·      Get ready for the first day before the night before. Buy clothes, get a new backpacks and some fun notebooks. It's a new year and you want to walk into school feeling fresh and new.

First Day of School for Middle School Students
·      Get ready! Don’t waste time. Depending on how long it takes you to get ready and what time your bus comes to your bus stop determines what time you wake up. If it takes you an hour to get ready and your bus comes at 8:40 am, you should wake up no later than 7:30 am and you should leave out 5-10 minutes early for the bus.

·      Wake up 10 minutes early. You got this. You went to the school orientation and you visited your teacher. You got this. Use those 10 minutes to do your morning chores, if you have them.

·      Sit up front. When you arrive at your homeroom, sit at your designated seat. If you don't have one, sit as close to the front as possible. Studies show that people who sit close to the front understand the material and pay attention more closely.

·      Make friends! Making friends and meeting new people is big part of middle school. Eventually, I think, you will need 2-4 friends to hang out with because you don't want to spend every day sitting alone at lunch and sitting alone on the bus. Your friends are your support group. Make sure they are nice.

·      Pay attention in class. It's your first day. Don't expect tons of homework or homework. The first week could be a breeze. But don’t get too comfortable, you will get homework.

·      Respect the teachers. Remember to not talk when a teacher is talking. Also remember other disrespectful behavior can have serious consequences. Some of those things are:
o   Texting in class
o   Disrupting the class
o   Making foolish excuses

·      Ignore drama. Drama is one of the things that spread like wildfire in middle school. Just ignore it. Stop rumors. Tell the people who are spreading rumors to stop or tell a trusted adult.

First Day of School for High School Students

·      Don't feel overwhelmed. We know that high school is a big transition! Everyone is just as nervous as you.

·      Wake up early. Maybe around 5:15 am?  Most high school buses in my community come between 6:15-6:30 am. Always make time in your schedule to walk to the bus stop. Most bus drivers say students must walk out 5-10 minutes early so they won't be late when the bus comes to pick them up.

·      Find your classes as soon as you get to school. When you get to school, you will immediately feel better if you know how to find your classes. If you are lost, don't be afraid to ask for help. If you are late, you will get into trouble.

·      Don't stress over grades. This is the first day. So, don't worry about it. But do start paying attention in class. Your grades will influence what college opportunities you have later. But it is not just your grades that impact your college options. Your attendance, how active you are in clubs, sports and other activities are also factors.

·      Make friends! It is important in high school to have friends.  But remember, this isn't Disney Channel, where suddenly everyone is your BFF. Make good quality friends who support you.

·      STAY OUT OF DRAMA. Not the class, but ACTUAL DRAMA. Drama is basically gossip that other people use to make their lives more interesting when they are bored. These are rumors that people spread about other people when they shouldn't. If you are sucked into drama, work to ignore it. If your friends are causing the drama, you might want to make new friends.

·      Don't get in trouble at school. Don't text in class or things that will affect not only you, but your education and your family. Think the consequences if you were caught smoking on the rooftop at school on Friday morning? You would get suspended. Think about how your parents would feel? They would be very furious. So don’t do stuff that you shouldn’t—like smoking.

A Few More Tips

·      It's okay if you don’t make the best first impression on your teachers. Every day is a new day to start fresh. And a year is a long time.

·      Don't act younger or older than your age. Some people think they're "all that" and act as if they are 18 but they are only 14. Be you.

·      When the time comes that you need to get a job. You can start with babysitting or a part-time job. But be responsible. School is the most important thing. Don’t let it become your second priority.

·      Have a great year!

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