By: Maggie E. 

Many people have tried to make it through a haunted house without being completely paranoid.  Some have succeeded, while others have failed.  You will soon be successful!   
In order to make it through a haunted house, you have to be prepared.  You have to be able to walk, ride or run through the house knowing you will not get hurt.  Nothing bad will happen to you. Prepare yourself for someone or something to jump out at you, but know their goal is to scare you. Try to smile and think, “They are not going to scare me today!  
Everyone knows haunted houses are scary. You have to think about the positive things while walking through. Think of it as getting a shot at the doctor. A lot of people do not like shots just like haunted houses. We all know the shot will be over before we know it. That is exactly what you have to think as you walk through the haunted house.   
Another way you can make it through is to go with a good friend or a family member. Having a friend or family member makes you feel safer. You also can hold their hand as you go through just to help you feel more confident.  After you show that house “you are not afraid of it,” plan something to do with your friends or family.  Then, you will have something to look forward to seeing or doing.  
With these steps, you might even have a fun time walking through a haunted house.  Remember conquering your fears gives you more confidence and maybe, you will want to do it again. 

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