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Dear GiGi,

I am going to sleep away Cadettes’ STEAM Camp at Camp Meriwether this summer. I’ve never been to a sleep away camp. What outfit should I wear to the first day? 

-In Fashion Crisis

Hi Fashion,

First off, good for you for going to a sleep away camp, especially a STEAM one!! Staying away from home for such a long time can be super intimidating, so props to you! Sleep away camps are super fun, and I'm sure you'll have a great time.

One thing I totally love about sleep away camp is that it’s super relaxed. Because a lot of camp takes place outside, the most important part of dressing for camp is staying comfortable and keeping it practical. Definitely don't wear something super fancy, as it will get ruined.
Just wear something casual, and comfortable. A t-shirt and shorts with a pair of shoes that you can walk in will serve you well.

What t-shirt to choose? Pick one from an activity you were a part of or a cool place you visited. This can help you start up a conversation with other girls at camp.

No one is going to be judging you on how good your outfit looks, so just wear something that you like that is easy to move around in, and don't worry about what anyone thinks!

Have fun!



Right after Spring Break, I have to give a speech in English class. I am so nervous!!! What are your tips for giving a powerful speech?

-Apprehensive about Elocution

Hi Apprehensive!

First, it’s completely okay to be nervous. Speeches can be super tough. A lot of people get intimidated by having to share their ideas with other people. That’s totally okay! Feeling nervous often means that you care about your ideas and how other people will interpret them and you want to make sure that people understand them.

Before you have to give your speech, my suggestion would be to get as familiar with it as possible. Make sure you at least have a pretty solid idea of what you’re talking about and what points you plan to make. This will create a clear and strong framework for your speech. That way if you get nervous, you know that you have the material on your side!

Writing out your entire speech before hand might not work for you, but make sure you at least get notecards for all of your talking points. If you want to or have to memorize your speech, make sure you get even more comfortable with your topic so that talking about it is almost automatic.

As you’re working on your speech, try to find some places in your presentation that you can stop and take a deep breath. This may seem like a really small thing, but it can be so helpful in the moment if you’re starting to get the jitters, giving yourself a chance to calm down and recollect your thoughts helps. It gives you a chance to take a real breath and keep moving forward.

Practice, practice, practice. Say your speech aloud as much as you can, and definitely get a couple of friends or family members to listen to you before you have to actually present.

When you get up and start speaking, don’t feel like you need to pick one person for eye contact. You can look around the room a little bit—talk to one person here, another one there, the back wall for a second, this person, that person—as you’re talking. Talk to the whole room, even if you’re talking to both your classmates and the furniture.

Another thing to remember is to not rush your speech. Speaking slightly slower than usual will make sure everyone can understand your speech, and have a bit of time to process what you are saying. Be confident, and speak loudly. Make sure everyone (especially your teacher!) can hear you.

The most important thing to remember when giving a speech is to cut yourself a break. If you forget a few parts, it’s totally okay to improvise them; if you feel like you’re sounding too robotic, let yourself relax and follow the script a little more loosely. Nobody knows the exact content of the speech but you, so they won’t notice if you make a few mistakes.

Remember, if you look like you know what you are doing, people will think you know what you're doing!

You can do this. I’m cheering for you!

Good luck!

Hi GiGi-

Are you a Girl Scout?

– Curious

Hi Curious,

Yes, I am a Girl Scout. :)

- GiGi


Ugh. My hair + this GA humidity!
What are your recommendations for taming this frizzy hair? 

– Frustrated in Frizz! 

Hi Frustrated,

Ugh, frizzy hair can be so annoying: you spend hours getting your hair to be just so and then suddenly, poof! It’s everywhere but where you put it! And Georgia humidity definitely doesn’t help. But don’t worry, there are a few different ways you can make frizzy hair less of a problem.

One thing you can try is a little bit of coconut oil (being super careful if you have allergies, of course!) on your hair either before you go to bed or when you’re brushing it in the morning. A lot of times, frizzy hair is caused by dryness, and adding a little bit of oil can help. It can add just enough moisture to tame even the wildest frizz.

On the topic of dry hair, washing your hair more than you need to can contribute to the frizz. Specific shampoo can really dry your hair out and make it more prone to flying away the instant humidity hits it. If your hair feels super-duper dry even when you hop in the shower, maybe skip the shampoo that day.

Overusing a curling or straightening iron or a blow drier can also make your hair feel frizzy and dry, so make sure to give your hair a break from heat every now and again.

And last but not least, if your hair just won’t cooperate no matter what you do, there’s no shame in putting it up and trying again tomorrow. Braiding your hair is always a good option, as are space buns—experiment and figure out what you like!

Best of luck!


Hey GiGi,

Do you have advice on how to find the right time to talk about your feelings with your crush?


There are generally two different “right times” when it comes to telling your crush you like them. The right time as in “I’m pretty certain they like me” and the right time as in “We have a sufficient amount of time to discuss our feelings without rushing.” Both of these are important to consider.

The first one is the right time when you’re pretty certain that they like you back. This can be confusing to determine. And it’s different for everyone. Be sure to, take a step back and really look at the things that are telling you that your crush likes you.

Once you’re pretty sure they like you back, I would suggest finding a time when you can chat one-on-one. Talking about your feelings can be awkward; doing it with an audience can make it even more so. Find a moment when it’s just you and them so that they don’t feel pressured or embarrassed by other people. Also find an opportunity when you’re not pressured by having to be somewhere at a certain time so that you can talk about your feelings thoroughly.

After that, all you have to do is just say it. While it can be super challenging to be vulnerable with someone, most people will appreciate your honesty and you may just find that your crush feels the same things for you.

If they feel differently, don’t take it personally. (Hard to do, I know) A lot of times, someone not reciprocating your feelings has nothing to do with a failing in your personality.

You were confident, you made your case, and now you can move on.

You’ve totally got this!

Good luck!

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