By: Joyce S.

1. How do you spend your Friday nights? 
  1. A. At home watching Netflix 
  1. B. Hanging out with a few friends 
  1. C. Going to the game or a party 
  1. D. Doing homework 

2. At a social event, what are most likely to be doing? 
  1. A. Standing in the corner petting the nearest dog 
  1. B. Taking pictures with all my friends 
  1. C. Filming and taking pictures of the whole event! I have to document all of it 
  1. D. Getting ready to leave so I can go do something important 

3. Which outdated slang term do you resonate the most with? 
  1. A. Couch Potato 
  1. B. YOLO (You Only Live Once) 
  1. C. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) 
  1. D. I don’t use slang terms 

4. Are you on your phone often? 
  1. A. Mostly for games 
  1. B. More than I’d like to admit 
  1. C. ALL.THE.TIME. 
  1. D. No 

5. Do you use autocorrect? 
  1. A. Nah, my friends can decipher what I’m saying 
  1. B. Yeah, typos are embarrassing 
  1. C. Yeah, it helps me type faster 
  1. D. Yes, I HATE incorrect grammar 

6. How do you feel about memes? 
  1. A. I know them all, every single one  
  1. B. I like them but I’m usually a bit behind 
  1. C. I usually repost the ones I see, but I don’t actively search for them 
  1. D. They’re stupid 

7. How do you feel about nature? 
  1. A. Ew. Just...ew 
  1. B. I like nature 
  1. C. Makes for super awesome pictures 
  1. D. I love nature! 

8. How long does it take you to respond to texts? 
  1. A. Forever. I usually put off texting people back
    B. Not very long, it’s polite 
  1. C. I respond immediately, I’m usually on my phone anyways 
  1. D. A little while, I’m not on my phone very often 

9. Besides social media, what do you usually use your phone for? 
  1. A. Games 
  1. B. Music 
  1. C. What else is there? 
  1. D. School work 

10. How do you truly feel about social media? 
  1. A. I’m indifferent towards it 
  1. B. I’m on it because everyone else is 
  1. C. It’s an amazing way to always stay connected 
  1. D. It’s distracting and overwhelming 

If you answered mostly A’s… 
You’re YouTube! You’re kind of an introvert, but you don’t let that stop you from expressing yourself. You may not use social media in its traditional sense, but you have a very creative and unique mind. 

If you answered mostly B’s… 
You’re Instagram! You tend to follow the trends and you care a lot about what people think about you. But, people love you for your personality and style, so stay true to what makes you happy! 

If you answered mostly C’s… 
You’re Snapchat! While you might want to ease off the social media use, you are usually the life of the party. You’re an extrovert that knows just how to fit in comfortably with a group of people. 

If you answered mostly D’s… 
You’re MySpace! Wow, you really don’t use social media do you? Well, in today’s society that can be very good thing! You are very grounded and down-to-earth. You know exactly what you want out of life and how to get it. 

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