By: Lime Green Giraffe Photography Editor, Zora F.

Every teen’s first day of high school can be pretty scary right? Today I'm here to tell you all about mine. So you won’t be nervous when it is your first day of high school.  
The first thing I did was wake up, of course! I didn't really sleep the night before because I was too excited. I finally turned off my alarm. After that I checked all my social medias accounts. I do this all time when I wake up, but I also like to look at the floor, wall or just around my room for no reason. 
After I complete all that nonsense, I finally started getting dressed. For high school I heard that you didn’t really need to go back-to-school shopping – I'm not sure why. (I didn't go back-to-school shopping until the next day but that's another story.) I put on my school outfit which you can see in the photos with this story. 
I decided to FaceTime my friend so we can get ready and talk about our plans for the day. We talked about how many class we wanted to have with each other, and where we would meet at school. We hang up after a couple of minutes. And I continued my morning routine which included a face wash or a face mask whatever you want to call it. I brushed my teeth and started on my hair. Since I straighten my hair all I had to was task my curlers out because I wanted some fun bouncy curls for the first day. Next I put on my shoes. Wait, I did buy something for back-to-school shopping. My new maroon vans.  
Once I finished my getting ready routine it was  7:15 am. I had to get my school bag and go meet the bus. I told my brother that I was ready to head outside. But then I realized that when you start high school the school bus doesn't pick you up in front of you house anymore. You have to walk about a several step away to a bus stopAnd, my house is in the middle so I had to walk to a bus stop.  
After that we arrived to school safely and I saw some of my friends from far away but I caught up to them. We all shared how scared we were and how high school was so different from middle school. Later me and my best friend walked to our Advisement class together.  

Fun fact: Advisement is just like a homeroom. But you don't go to it every day. Once, I found my Advisement class I introduced myself to the teacher and took my seat. I was the first one in the class. So it was very quiet. Later more kids started to come in. Some of busses were late because the routes are different every year. I was lucky, I had about five friends with me in my Advisement class 
After the 8:35 am the bell rang. Everyone was in their classrooms. Everyone started settle in. We introduced ourselves and went over the student handbook. After that the teacher handed out our schedules. We all tried to compare to see if we had any classes together. We finished early with the handbook so we just had casual conversations.  
Then it was time to head to first period. My first was Health and Personal Fitness. 
After my first and second period we switched to third period. Third period in high school is known as your lunch period. So in my third period I have about eight friends total.  
Lunch is broken down into four different time points. The different lunches consist of A, B, C, and D. C and B lunches are the longest. Obviously A and are the shortest. I have C lunch. After the bell for lunch rang my friends and I went downstairs to the cafeteria. From so of the expectations and reality videos I’ve watched I thought it would be super hard to find a table. But it was super easy. 
My friend and I found a strip table which was basically and long table. There were people already sitting there. We were going to save seats for our friendsBut as I looked around I found the perfect table across from where we going to sit. The table was shaped like a circle and had about eight seats. That was just enough for all of my friends. 
After third came fourth period, the last period of the day. At 3:40 the bell rang and school had finally let out for the day. We were all ready to go home! I made my way to the courtyard then to the bus loading zone where I found some of my friends that had a different class schedule. It was good to see them.  
In the courtyard, we looked around for our busses and didn't see them at all. Remember how I told you earlier that all the bus routes had changed for the previous years? Well that was why our bus drivers were nowhere to be found. We stood out there in the hot Georgia sun for about hour-and-half but the bus actually never came! So we all had to get rides home from school that day! 
What a crazy day? I was happy that the day was over, but I was more excited for the next day because we got to do it all over again but maybe this time the bus would come and take us home.  

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