By Evelyn H.

Having trouble sleeping at night? Feeling worried? Or perhaps youre having trouble working out. Well, never fear! Listening to music can cure those problems, and do much more! 

First off, sleep. Every girl needs her beauty rest, and sometimes that doesnt work out as well as we hope. Well, studies show that listening to music can help with your sleep quality! Just listen to music that relaxes you, for about half an hour each day before bed. You will see a big improvement on your shut-eye time and quality. Sweet dreams! 

Next, lets talk about memory. I know from experience that forgetting school projects, homework, or math problems is no fun. Music can improve this too, believe it or not! People suffering from problems such as dementia have shown large improvements in memory function. This happens because listening to music uses some of the same brain systems that help you listen to speech. The patients can connect song lyrics or rhythms to other events. So, if you listen to music, wether is be on the subway or at home, itll be like practicing for a test! 

Having a hard time working out? It can be extremely boring, especially if youre doing it for a long time. Music can help you become more motivated, because of how fast it is. If youre on a treadmill, listen to some music with a fast beat. This will increase the speed of your heartbeat, and make you able to run faster and farther. If youre doing some weightlifting, listen to some tunes with a very clear and steady beat. It helps you to establish a rhythm of your arms, letting you lift easier. As a bonus, music distracts you from the aches and sore muscles of working out. So, next time you head to the gym, bring some tunes with you! 

Feeling anxious or worried? How about turning on some beats? Studies show that slow, relaxing music will relieve you of your stress. It even uses some of the same brain functions as medicine! Some of the music you can listen to that will de-stress you are: Nature sounds, such as rain and birdsong, and traditional songs with drums and flutes. Any music that is relaxing to you will work! 

As you can see, music can help with tons of useful things. Even when it has all these uses, music can be great fun to listen to all on its own! I hope you put your music to good use, whether it be for no reasons at all to any reason possible! - All information found in this wonderful article. Thank you for reading!

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