By: Lime Green Giraffe Event Director Mimi M. 

Do you have a bunch of pictures, but nowhere to put them? Do you not have enough frames for all your pictures? Or are you just bored, and have some extra pictures lying around? Either way, this article is just right for you! These are five cute ways to display your memories! 

String Wall Hanging 
Take a wooden dowel, or some sort of long, sticklike thing, and some string. Tie the string to the stick in multiple long strands. Glue or tape photos to the different strands, and hang it on the wall by gluing a piece of string on either end of the stick, creating a triangle to hang it from. 

Photo Magnets 
Take small clear pebbles (you can find them at almost any craft store) and a small photo. Trace around the pebble on your photo, and cut it out. Glue the circle to the pebble, and then glue a magnet onto the back. 
  • Alternate idea: Glue the photo pebbles (without the magnets) onto a corkboard and hang it on the wall instead! 

Photo Wheel 
Bend a piece of wire into a circle (or, if you prefer, use an embroidery hoop or any other hoop of sorts) and loop string around the hoop. Glue the string onto the hoop so it stays, and make sure there are plenty of loops so that the photos stay in place. Place your photos in the hoop, using the string to hold it there, and hang your hoop on the wall. 

String Light Photo Outline 
Hang some string lights on your wall in a shape. You can do a star, a heart, or even just a circle. Tape your photos inside, and you now have a glowing photo decoration fit for a star. 
  • Alternate idea: Put the lights in a zigzag pattern and clip your photos onto the lights! 

Cardboard Photo Ring 
Take some cardboard, and bend it into a circle of any size, depending on the photo. Trace the circle onto your photo, and cut it out. Glue the photo onto the circle, and hang these on your wall. 

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