By: Lime Green Giraffe Event Director, Mimi M.

Telling a story begins with a thought. 
With a single breath. 
With one word. 
That word is yours, and only yours. 
You alone can nurture it, and make it grow into a sentence. 
A paragraph. 
Soon, a full story. 
But that story is not done yet. 
Telling it now would be like eating a donut with no filling. 
No glaze or icing. 
No, you must go back. 
Change this, and that. 
Add this. 
Cut out that. 
Change a word here, and a paragraph there. 
This is hard. 
This is the destruction of your creation. 
But it is not the downfall of your work. 
It is the rebirth. 
It is the taking of a starved, malformed creature, and making it whole, and pure. 
It is not perfect even then, though. 
It might never be. 
But it is yours. 
Because you, and no one else, created this. 
You were there at the beginning. 
Youwerethe beginning. 
And you are here now, at the end. 
And, like at the beginning, this is yours, and wholly yours. 
And no one else can say that about your story. 
Telling a story is carving the air. 
Changing nothing into something. 
It is weaving the clouds into a blanket, into something that can comfort someone. 
Telling a story makes the world a little brighter. 
To tell a story is to give hope. 
To tell a story is to create something new, something unique. 
That story is your gift to the world. 

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