By Grace J.

Studying. I don’t know about you but I surely struggle with studying. Since we are back at school for our second semester, I think this is a great topic to discuss. 
Now let’s get down to business and defeat the studying struggleWe all know how it goes, when completing homework, you probably get review question on what your teacher talked about that day. Yes, you might remember the main idea of the teacher’s lecture but the question demands more 
Also you must understand what you learn in school so you can apply it to everyday life. Well, at least some of what you learn 
Fact: to lock that knowledge in your brain you must study. Now studying is great and all but does that information actually stick with you? I don’t think so.  
So how do you get this information to lock itself inside your head? It isn’t just about studying, its studying efficiently. Studying is helpful, if you know how to do it well. Here are some ways to study the correct way:

Take a break 
When studying you probably try to cram as much information as you can, but that doesn’t work. For your mind cramming can be stressful. When you study break it up into sessions, your brain has some time to process the learning material 
Try studying for 30 minutes and then take a 15-minute break, and then go back to working. Taking a break helps your mind refresh. 

Create a routine 
If you struggle when it comes remembering the material that you learned you may need a routine.  Next time you sit down, put on your favorite tunes and work. Keep on doing this when studying that specific material. Hopefully, whenever you hear that song you were studying to, it helps you remember the material. 

Take smart notes 
    When taking notes you need to make sure you can look back at them and actually know what you were saying. Try using different layouts for note taking. I recommend you try using the Cornell Note-taking system. It helps you sort between key terms, basic notes and what you will need to review. This system comes in handy when you are studying for a big exam. You can learn more about the Cornell Note-taking method hereThis is a very stress free way to handle your notes. 

Please take these study habits to heart. They have worked for me. School can be very stressful. These habits will make sure you can get through exams. Stay safe and in school, girlies. 

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