By: Kristyn K.

I have been unable to talk since the day I came out of the womb. Back when I didn't even have words to say. The doctors believe something went wrong during my birth that caused my vocal cords to press together. They kind of imploded into one another.  
All my life I've been homeschooled and to many people's dismay, it's not that bad. If I get done with lessons early, I get to play and watch Netflix (one of my favorite things to do). But in one week I'll start a public high school. I do get a special course assistant. She will follow me around all day and basically be my words.  
I'm excited. Just scared. I have so much to say, just no way to say it. 
On the outside, I’m this kid that someone always must help. However, on the inside I’m just a regular teenager. I like to watch Netflix (as I told you before). I really love watching Glee or The Fostersalso do a whole bunch of other things that teens like to do. You know?  
Well, except hang out with my friends because I don’t really have any. It’s not that I don’t want any, I just could never find at least one person who cared enough or had enough patience to get to know me.  
When I got to a new place, I automatically look around the room and try to sort who might be a good friendWhat often happens to me, when a possible friend walks up to me and starts a regular conversation, all I do is smile and nod then they look at the person beside me, my assistant. She then explains my situation and how they can communicate with me. Next they look back at me with the pity look, smile and nod. They always say, “I’m so sorry.” And most times, they walk way.  
I feel they act as if I’m contagious or something. It’s like I have this disease that makes people give their pity looks and their little smiles 
Now, I’m going to high school. This is a new start for me at a new school with a whole new life. I am ready. I am ready to make some friends.  

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