By: Alyssa N. 

Do you ever stop and just wonder when you are in class, “Will I ever need this information in life? How is factoring trinomials important for a job? Shouldn’t we be learning skills that will help us with the job we want to acquire in the future?”  
I believe that we should obtain skills to get a job in the future. And sure, we need things we learn in school like basic math, spelling, grammar, punctuation and much more. But when did learning calculus become more important than learning  to do taxes? 
See, I believe, school isn’t even about learning anymore. Sure, you learn information but don’t kids just learn it and throw up on the test and then forget about it the next day? I believe the current system for learning isn’t going to help us in the future. I think, teachers should teach us life skills, like how to do taxes or how to buy a home. I think these are important things to know as an adult.   
According to Live Science, “Fewer than 2% of students say they are never bored in high school.” That’s only 2%. So that would mean that the rest of the 98% of us are bored or might just hate school?   
And I get it. Can you imagine, if your math teacher said that if everybody in the class got a 100% on the next math exam, she would take the entire class out to recess for one hour? How awesome. Most schools only get 30 minutes outside, so an hour can motivate some kids. But let’s say that you were that one kid who was terrible at math.  And, after the test, the teacher calls you out because you were the only person in the class to not get all of the answers correct. So no one hour recessThis would make me not like school either.  
Situations like this, in real life, make me feel like school is trying their hardest to set us up for failure. I believe that they don’t teach us how to handle things like bullying, depression or anxiety, because these things are not what’s important on the standardized test. They expect us to handle it ourselves, but we need help.  
According to the man who invented standardized testing, Frederick J. Kelly “These tests are too crude to be used and should be abandoned.” See, if schools put learning to do math for our future taxes over memorizing facts, maybe we wouldn’t feel so frustrated.  
I just wish it seemed like the school system cared more about us and less about shoving more work into our petite little hands. Oh, and taking tests.  

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