By: Alyssa N.  

Why is it okay for a man to date a woman of a different race, but it’s not okay for a woman to date a man of a different race? The question itself makes me wonder how bombarded life can feel. I feel like everything we do is being judged, and that’s how society is but I believe this is just messed up.  
So, it would be alright for a black man to date a white woman, but a white woman cannot date a black man? What happens if the white woman is dating the black man, because the black man asked the white woman on a date? If you took both sides of the story, both people are still dating a person of a different race, but only the white woman seems to be judged, which is unfair.  
It’s like saying to a woman, “Okay, you can go into any movie of your choice, but it has to be made by Disney only,” but for a man, it’s like, “Okay, you can go into any movie of your choice, disregarding the company.” This is biased.  
Men still have more rights than women, which is unfair. I believe women can do amazing things. Men should not take over tasks that women could accomplish because they think women are weak or incapable of doing the task.  
It seems to me that women are limited on everything now. Women should have the same opportunities as men. Men shouldn’t just be the leader and take control of everything, that’s not how the world should work.  
I believe that God didn’t create people to have just men rule over women and make them feel weak. Everybody should be equal. Equality was made for this world, although there are people who would disagree. I do not. I believe women deserve more than this, and hopefully, soon, there will be a change. 

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