By: Sarah K. 

The weird, kind of cute creatures in the picture are mushrooms. That sounds a little odd and it's a bit strange to be drawing mushrooms with eyes, I know, I thought that too when I doodled one on a piece of paper.  
I'm not here to talk about how weird they are, this is an art tutorial, so I'm going to show you how to draw them, step-by- step.  
I know you might be thinking, “They look kind of advanced, and you're probably asking "How am I going to draw these?" and that's fine. If you handed me a piece of paper with one on it, I would not even know how to start. But I'm not going to hand you a piece of paper and tell you to draw a mushroom. I'm hopefully going to be at least a little more helpful than that. What I'm going to be showing you how to draw is a basic mushroom, like the big one in the center (minus the tux). Let's get started.  

Stuff you'll Need 
* means it's necessary to have it to draw this. 
 *A pen, pencil, or something else for drawing. I used a pen. *A piece of paper, notebook, sketchpad, or something thing to draw on. 
Colored pencils         

         The How To 
Now I'll explain how to draw the mushrooms.  Step 1: The Eyes  First step, draw two egg shapes or whatever shape you want side by side. The shapes can be as big or as small as you like. These will be the eyes. They should look a bit like this. 

Once you draw them, draw small circles, ovals or whatever shape you want in the eyes, diagonally from each other. These will give the eyes a glossy look. When you finish, they should look a bit like this. 

When you finish with those, fill in the eye, but not those new dots you drew but the big shapes. They should look a bit like this once you're done. 

You've finished the eyes, good job! 

Step 2: The Head  To draw the head, draw a rounded triangle, or whatever shape you want, around the eyes. Like this. 

You might look at your drawing and think "That went wrong", I did when I drew this particular mushroom but just remember that there's no wrong way to do art. And with animals and plants, no two are ever the same. 

Step 3: The Mouth  To draw your mushrooms mouth, draw a small smile or whatever expression you want below they eyes. Like this. 

You're doing amazing!  Step 4: The Stem To draw a stem, start with two straight lines from the head. Like these. 

Then draw two foot-like shapes at the bottoms of the two lines. Like this. 

Once you've finished, connect them to each other. Like this. 

You've finished the basic mushroom! If you like it how it is, keep it that way, or if you want to add more, read on. 

Step 5: The Details  Let's start off with adding details to the head. Draw whatever shapes you want on your mushroom's head. When you're done, they should look a bit like this. 

Next, draw a very small squiggly line under the mushrooms head. These are gills. When you're done, it should look like this. 

Now, we'll add some detail to the stem. Draw lines along the stem, they don't all need to be the same length, but if you like them that way, go ahead. They should look a bit like this. 

You've finished the tutorial! Hopefully you had fun and learned how to draw something new. Also, if you're up for it, continue to add details of your own to your mushroom to make it more unique, and feel free to color it too! 
Having fun? Why not fill up your page with adorable and unique mushrooms!  

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