By Grace J. 

Swaps are little memorable trinkets Girl Scouts make. We make swaps to share a story, or memory of ours with other Girl Scout sisters. Many girls find swaps to be the most magical part of going to a Girl Scout event. Collecting and trading swaps can be fun but what do you do with swaps? Some put their swaps in a box and keep it moving but these little keepsakes need to be handled with care. Good options when it comes to maintaining your swaps include:
  • Making a swaps sash (materials needed are a piece of fabric or use buy a sash) 
  • Make a swaps hat (materials needed take an old baseball cap or bucket hat) 
  • Buy a keepsake box
These three options could help you preserve those wonderful Girl Scouts memories. These swaps represent the best activities and opportunities Girl Scouts has given us. These mini pieces of memorabilia mean a lot to us Girl Scouts. Make sure when you make or buy one of the suggestions design it to make it personalized. Every swap sash, hat, and box tells a story. This story varies for every girl but at the end we all accomplish something in Girl Scouts.  
The ideas for these swap items came from me attending the G.I.R.L Convention of 2018. I saw many girls with lots of swaps but nowhere to put them. I thought you should put them on a plush animal. That idea wouldn’t work because then you could not use the plush anymore, also the plush might rip with all of those pins attached to it. I found that the girls wanted to show off their swaps, meaning the swap keepsake must be portable and wearable. That is how I came up with the ideas above. I hope as years progress girls will understand the importance of swaps.  

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