By:  Maggie E.    
Lots of girls in this generation are involved in Girl Scouts, but few stay in it until the end of High School and continue to be adult members. Why do some girls just leave and how do we keep the girls who join Girl Scouts?  Many girls will normally leave around middle school because there is more homework, and lots of girls are involved in extracurricular activities such as sports, playing musical instruments, dance, performing in drama productions, and many other activities. So, what is the solution to get girls to stay involved in Girl Scouts?
The girls who join need to experience how rewarding Girl Scouts is. Girl Scouts is rewarding because you get to do super cool things while also helping the community and being a sister to every Girl Scout. You also get to earn badges, camp, and just have loads of fun with your troop. We also need them to know that Girls Scouts has things that you cannot get anywhere else. There are things like camping, archery, riding horses, canoeing, visiting the elderly, helping at humane societies, helping children with cancer, and many other experiences that help you grow. You also get to sell Girl Scout Cookies to earn cool prizes and money for your troop! Selling cookies teaches girls how to handle money and grow in their confidence to talk to adults.  Girls who are involved in Girl Scouts are always going to be friends with each other. All of the girls involved in your Girl Scout troop want to be friends with you. And, they will always be there to support you in any other activities you do.
Finally, Girls Scouts give girls the ability to build their confidence and grow their leadership skills. They learn how to speak up for themselves and show they can do anything. Girls should definitely find some way to stay in Girl Scouts for as long as they can, and hopefully continue to be adult members and help the younger girls succeed.

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