By: Emma B.

Hell has a Blue Sky

Hell has a blue sky,  
With birds that sing and hypnotize 
Singing Satan’s seductive songs 
A view I can see from within the walls 
From within my cage, I see, all men suffering the same as me  
Looking out from beyond their screens 
Watching in envy as devil’s birds sing 

Hell has a blue sky, 
It’s a landscape so beautiful, so vast 
It taunts you with it’s flowers 
It taunts you from beyond the glass 
It has sunshine made of spring 
A spring so beautiful and so tender 
A spring covered in God’s splendor 
A spring of life, a spring of joy 
A spring I can never hope to enjoy 

Hell has a blue sky  
It haunts men with a view made glorious  
It makes tormented men completely ravenous  
It’s something I want to bask in 
It’s such a shame that when I come here,  
We were made it’s Tantalus 
All around, the men wear masks  
Waiting in vain for this pass 
From within our cages,  
We sit and chant in drunken hazes 
Our tests, our lives taken away  
It’s all part of Satan’s joyous game 

Hell has a blue sky, that much is clear. 
How do I know this? 
I’m already here.  

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