Some things never change, like the tragic lack of snow here in GiGi’s home state of Georgia. Girls are still making friendship bracelets, and Girl Scouts are still improving our world. Some things do change: Fashion trends come and go. YouTube’s popularity overtakes television. Girls’ views on weddings shift. A new year’s celebration heralds the fluctuation of our changing culture alongside the stalwart constants that never shift.
In this new year, in this new decade, one thing that will not be changing is the Lime Green Giraffe’s coverage of a wide variety of amusing, intriguing, and relevant topics. If you need advice on ice skating, planning your Girl Scout Silver Award, packing for your Girl Scout trip, or making a scrunchie, our writers have you covered. If you’re curious about ocean pollution, other countries, the new live-action Dora and the Lost City of Gold film, or our adult volunteer Marnye H., you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. As always, the LGGers can satisfy your creative cravings with a plethora of drawings, short stories, and more.
Our February 2020 issue, whether you seek self-improvement, education, or imagination, will fulfill your expectations, as the Lime Green Giraffe has since its creation in 2004. We look forward to covering whatever delightful, fascinating, unexpected content this new decade brings, and we thank you for following us through the journey of the past ten years. Happy New Year!

-Lillabeth B.
Lime Green Giraffe
Copy Editor + Editorial Team Lead

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