By: Lime Green Giraffe Service Director, Zora F. 

Recently I had the opportunity to participate in a virtual camp activity hosted by the Girl Scouts of Oregon. It was a two-day event. We received all our information via Facebook. This activity was for all levels.

It was such a great activity even my whole troop participated. We had options for pitching a tent outside in the backyard or making a blanket and pillow fort in the living room. I made a pillow fort in my living room. 

Another fun thing from the Girl Scouts of Oregon event was to make a classic camp snack! I made s’mores, and other girls in my troop made popcorn, hotdogs, and mini pizzas. 

I think a Camp in - Camp Out is a great activity to do with your troop or family during quarantine. If you are doing this with a troop I recommend you make it virtual by meeting over Zoom so everyone can see each other. While meeting over Zoom you can chat and after maybe the troop leader can share her screen and show a movie. There are endless activities to make this a fun and memorable experience for your friends.

One of my favorite camp snacks has always been the “Walking Taco” which I think would be a fun dinner option for your event. A “Walking Taco” is basically your choice of Doritos in a Ziplock bag with any other taco toppings of your choice. I recommend going to Pinterest to find fun camp food ideas.

To end the night of virtual camping, I suggest singing some fun classic Girl Scout camp songs. Enjoy the last of your s’mores and if you're like me and decide to hang up lights, turn them off, shut your tent and have a wonderful night.

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