By Ally W.

Traveling with Girl Scouts is so much fun and even though we can't travel right now that shouldn’t stop us from planning our next adventure. 

Now, traveling with your troop can be hard to plan. There are a lot of factors that go into planning an education trip like money, safety and fun. One of the hardest parts of planning a trip is finding a starting point. Here are the steps of planning a Girl Scout trip. 

Determine Your Budget

Make sure you know how much money you should spend before getting into the planning craze. Set a fundraising goal. A fundraising goal will encourage the girls because they want to go on a trip and you need their help. How many Girl Scout Cookies should each girl sell?

Once you know how much money you have, start organzing your budget. This is key to start planning a trip.

Establish the Destination

Since you now have a budget, you can narrow down the destination for the trip. If you go on the Girl Scout website,, you can look at badges you can earn which will help guide you to find your location. 

Make sure that the location is safe for the girls and that it is a place with restaurants and stores for food and supplies. Also make sure that there are plenty of activities to do with the girls. 

Look for Places to Sleep

Sleep is important. We all need to sleep whether you sleep in a hotel, rented house or in a tent. Find an affordable and safe place to take the girls to sleep. 

Make sure that it is near the things you want to do on your trip so you do not have to drive far. Again, remember that safety is most important, stay away from places you do not know are safe. It is better to spend more money on a good place than less on a bad one. 

Find Educational and Fun Activities

This is where earning the badges come into the planning. Find events or activities that are both educational and fun for the girls. For example, there are historic landmarks, museums, and tours. There are also other badge activities like woodwork for camping or finding sea shells for the beach. When looking for things to do, make sure that they are within budget and all of your girls are able to participate. And always, make sure the activity is safe.

Make Sure The Girls Understand

These trips are for educational purposes, so make sure that the girls understand why you are going on the trip. Tell them the badges they will earn and verify that they will get a learning experience out of this. Be sure to make certain they will have fun, this is Girl Scouts of course! 

I hope this helped you to discover your troop’s next travel experience. Have fun on your brand new trip!

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