By: Lea M.

  1. On Halloween, what are you dressed as?

  1. Witch

  2. Monster

  3. Animal

  4. Princess

  1. What’s your favorite fall treat?

  1. Pumpkin cheesecake

  2. Halloween candy

  3. Decorated sugar cookies

  4. Pumpkin-spice lattes

  1. What’s your favorite fall activity?

  1. Corn mazes

  2. Climbing trees

  3. Halloween

  4. Going to a pumpkin patch

  1. What’s your favorite part of fall?

  1. All the fresh air

  2. Scary movies


  4. Delicious fall food

If you got mostly As: You are a Halloween spider! You are eager to do anything, and you’re always ready to try something new!

If you got mostly Bs: You are a skull! You are adventurous and will do anything, no matter the risks! 

If you got mostly Cs: You are a paper bat! You love all the cutesy activities and are kind to everyone!

If you got mostly Ds: You are a jack-o-lantern! You are always surrounded with your friends and will do anything for them! 

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