By: Lime Green Giraffe Copy Editor, Bailey M.

Note: This article was published August 2021.

After more than a year of quarantine and an uneventful last summer, places are slowly re-opening while enforcing safety restrictions. 

Since you have spent so much time at home. I have an easy way for you to decide how to spend your free time. On this list are 50 things to do. Some things on this list I haven’t tried but I will most definitely listen to my own suggestions and be courageous! Have a redo of 2020! Always remember to have fun safely.

DISCLAIMER: These ideas are suggestions. Get permission from a parent before attempting anything on this list. Don’t get yourself in trouble by doing something that would not be okay with your parents.

  1. Go glamping -

  2. Go paddleboarding or kayaking in a river -

  3. Host a Buzzfeed quiz party -

  4. Start a YouTube Channel:

  5. Go tubing down a lazy river -

  6. Host a virtual sleepover -

  7. Paint an accent wall in your room -

  8. Learn a new language such as Swahili or Tagalong -

  9. Choose a new Netflix show on the recommendations list for teens -

  10. Have a game night with your family. I recommend playing games like Parcheesi or Boggle -

  11. Read 10 books of different genres within a week -

  12. Go window shopping at the mall or your local shopping center  -

  13. Sort through your belongings for unwanted items and host a yard sale  -

  14. Survive 5 nights in Minecraft  -

  15. Go mountain biking up an actual mountain  -

  16. Volunteer 25 hours at an organization of your choice  -

  17. Try Manga/Anime style drawing -

  18. Cook a meal using only five ingredients -

  19. Babysit to earn a few bucks -

  20. Go to an indoor rock climbing facility -

  21. Visit a theme park in a different state -

  22. Jump you way through a trampoline park -

  23. Write a poem without using vowels (I am pretty sure there isn’t a link for this one.)

  24. Tye Dye white curtains -

  25. Find inspiration for a new hairstyle -,

  26. Run a 1K, 5K, or 10K -

  27. Visit a locally owned restaurant -

  28. Make friendship bracelets with your BFF -

  29. Take up bullet journaling: or

  30. Play a sport such as Lacrosse or Field hockey-

  31. Start your own business-

  32. Completely change your personal style completely -

  33. Visit a candy shop -

  34. Make your own homemade Starbucks drinks -

  35. Add 20+ songs to your music playlist  -

  36. Write a story and then post it on Wattpad  -

  37. Visit a laser tag or paintball facility  -

  38. Paint your nails using creative designs - 

  39. Go to a professional sporting event -

  40. Join a roller derby team -

  41. Create a game on Roblox -

  42. Create your own beats using Soundtrap -

  43. Putt a perfect score in minigolf -

  44. Have a five movie marathon at your local theatre -

  45. Have a staycation at the Great Wolf Lodge -

  46. Re-create a slime recipe -

  47. Make rock candy  -

  48. Create a time capsule -

  49. Create a bucket list -

  50. Write your own list of 50 fun things to do. 😀

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