By: Isabelle W.

This is a short story I wrote for school. It’s a folk story about why it rains. I ended up really liking it so I wanted to share it with you, our Lime Green Giraffe readers! I hope you all like it.


Everyday somewhere in the world rain falls from the sky. It makes everything grow and makes the world go round. But I’ve always wondered how. 

How does the rain come down? Science teachers tried to tell me how, but they're kind of wacky so I didn't listen. Then I found out that it must be because of the moon and sun! Listen closely to my story because I'll only say it once.

There is a moon

and there is a sun. They 

both help the world go round.

but once a long time ago, the 

moon and sun both orbited around 

the Earth. They would always dance,

sing, and play any chance they get. The 

moon liked the sun. She thought he was smart,

good, caring, thoughtful and kind. There was only

one problem. The sun was hot! You see the moon 

was made of wax, not cheese. If she got too close to him

she would melt. The only time she could really see him was

at one point every day at dusk. It was cool then. Cool enough for the

moon to get close to the sun. For the moon it was never enough time. 

“An hour a day!” Exclaimed the moon, “It’s never enough time!” The moon

wanted to be with the sun all day every day, not just for one measly hour. So the moon crept over the Earth and set out to go meet him. As soon as the sun crawled

over the earth the Moon was overwhelmed by the heat. “Help!” the moon cried. She crumbled down and began to melt into a puddle. The sun rushed to the moon's side. The sun looked down at the moon broken hearted. He knew what he must do. The sun turned and started to run. Faster and faster he ran and grew in size with every stride. The sun didn't dare look back. At the center of the universe the sun finally slowed and stopped. Turning back to look he saw the moon was saved. The moon was no longer melting. Eventually the moon grew back to her full size. But, the moon weeps everyday, for now she can only glance at her beloved sun from afar. Her tears fall all the way down onto the Earth and grow new life.

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