Best Girl Scout Traditions to Try at Camp

By: Maggie E.

I think Girl Scout camping is one of the best parts of being a Girl Scout. Some troops only get to go every once in a while, so, I believe we have to make the most of it while we are there. Here are a couple of Girl Scout camping traditions that I think you should try!

Things to do -

 You only need string and beads (if you want it beaded)!

  • Tell stories around the campfire - Stories are always fun to tell around a warm campfire. Whether they are scary stories or funny stories they are lots of fun.

  • Go on a hike - if you are camping, you are surrounded by nature. So go explore! You can go wherever you want to, there is no limit! (Please always hike using the buddy system.)

  • Lay under the stars - Find a nice open area, lay out some blankets and see what constellations you can find!

  • S’mores - These are a long lasting tradition in Girl Scouts. All you need is marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate!


  • Capture the flag - This game is fun and easy to set up! Just split into two teams and each team chooses a base and a flag. Now, the game is on. Who can steal or “capture” the other team’s flag?

  • Hide and Seek - This one is classic and pretty self- explanatory. The fun is when you are in the middle of nature there are so many places to hide! (Protip: Be sure to set hiding boundaries before you start to play so that no one gets lost in the woods.)

  • Tag - This is another fun one! You could do so many different things with tag, like freeze tag, or you could incorporate hide and seek, or play flashlight tag in the dark.

  • Set up a scavenger hunt - For this one you could come up with a list of things to find and then just set out looking for them. You could even split into teams!

Girl Scout camp also offers many activities led by the camp staff like canoeing, archery, horseback riding, and ropes courses. These are always fun activities to make your weekend extra special!

Next time you go camping, make the most of your time there and always try to make your own special traditions.

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