By: Zora F. 

I first joined the Lime Green Giraffe or LGG when I was in the sixth grade.

I attended a photoshoot and then the writer’s workshop, and that's when I decided I wanted to join. I attended my first meeting when we would meet at the Red Clay offices at Atlantic Station. 

I remember I was really shy because I didn't know anyone, but I quickly got out of my comfort zone. In the picture above is me at my first meeting you can tell I was very standoffish.

I also remember the first article I wrote was about creating vision boards! I later applied to be part of the Leadership Team. I decided on the Webmaster position since I was really interested in tech.

Throughout my time with the LGG, I had many amazing opportunities! I’ve interviewed awardees at the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta Second Century fundraising breakfast. The person I interviewed was Yum Arnold. I interviewed her as the "Changing the World Awardee" for the Girl Scouts Of Greater Atlanta. I did an in-person interview and even got a personal tour from her around her company LeapFrog. 

Years later I also interviewed Soon Mee Kim, another "Changing the World Awardee.” I really enjoyed both these opportunities because I felt like one of those journalists you see on TV interviewing VIPs, and I just felt like”WOW I'm actually doing this!” In the picture above on my right is me and Yum and on the left is me with Soon Mee Kim.

My second favorite thing I looked forward to as a member of the LGG was the Volunteer Leadership Conferences or VLC events. These conferences were held at the beginning of each school year and members from the Leadership Team were able to attend to help promote LGG to leaders and volunteers in Girl Scouts. The VLC events were my favorite because I got to hang out with members of the Leadership Team, as well as the adult staff while live launching a new issue or just talking about the LGG. The picture above shows my first VLC.

Here I am now in 2022 an Ambassador Girl Scout and a senior in high school. My time in Lime Green Giraffe has, sadly, come to an end. I am grateful for all the skills I gained, the things I learned, and the many opportunities I’ve had. Over the years I have seen my creative side grow and that is something I am really happy about. I will cherish these times I spent with LGG from all the field trips, service projects, staff meetings, photo shoots, writer’s workshops, and more! In the future I would like to come and give back!

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