By: Ally W.

Have you ever wanted to start your own home garden but didn’t know where to start? Well, I wanted to do this a few months ago too, so I figured out how to make my own garden, and now I will show you how you can make one too. 

Finding A Spot-

The first step to making your own garden is to find an area in your backyard that has a good amount of sun. Have the area be in a place with rich soil so the plants will thrive. Also, make sure that you don’t put the garden up against your house. From my own personal experience, the water from rain will slide down the rooftop, and the pressure from the water drop off will break the leaves. 

Choosing plants-

There are so many types of plants you can grow in your garden, but today we will be focusing on fruits and veggies. Every plant has its own unique attributes. Some grow in the winter, some grow in the summer. Some need more space to grow, and some can be more compact. It all depends on the plant you choose. Below you can see a chart of different plants that grow during each season, and from there you can determine which plant will work best with the month you’re planning on creating your garden in. Also, take into consideration the climate of the area you live in. The climate will affect the overall well being of your plant, so be sure to do some research beforehand.

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Laying out the garden-

Secondly, you need to figure out the layout that you want your garden to have. For example, you can do it in a striped pattern, alternating in the dirt row for growing the plants, and grass rows to walk on. This will create easier access to all plants without stepping on them. Once you plan it out, you can create the garden. If you are putting the plant into the ground, you can shovel off the top layer of grass and place the plant  into the ground. If you are using an elevated bed, then you don’t have to shovel the grass off. Taking off the layer of grass will give the plants easier access to the soil. 

Dig the holes-

You will need to create holes in the ground to sow the plants into the soil. The depth of the hole will depend on what plant you choose to grow. The spacing in between the plants is also a crucial part of creating a good garden. Make sure the plants will have space to expand and grow.


Next you will obtain the seeds of your choice. Lay the seed inside of the ground and pat a layer of dirt over it. If you are using plant saplings, squeeze the plant out of the plastic containers and ruffle the roots. This will help activate the plant's roots and help them to grow into the new soil. Place the plant into the hole and pat dirt around it

Starting the care process-

Now that you have planted your new garden, you can start taking care of your plant babies. Make sure to water them everyday or as needed. Take precautions like setting up a fence or putting wire around the plant to keep animals from eating them. If you would like, you can spray pesticides on the plants to keep the bugs away, but it is not necessary.


After the plant is finally developed and you see that the plant is ready for harvesting, you can pick the veggies or fruits off the plant. Now you can eat it or use it as a decoration! Make sure you admire your babies because you worked hard for it.

Now you understand the process of creating a garden! I hope all goes well in your future garden. 

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