Lime Green Giraffe: Why did you choose to do a painting for your contribution to this issue?


Artist, Lea M.: I decided to create a painting because I deeply enjoy art and I thought it would be a good way to contribute to this issue. I painted a simple tree, which I tried to use to create a sense of peace. I decided to attempt to convey the way that trees make me feel, which is hopeful. I want everyone to feel hopeful that we can make a difference through tree planting and honoring trees.


Lime Green Giraffe: Can art inspire change? How do you think art can inspire people to take action?


Lea M.: I believe that art can inspire change because it is full of the artist’s emotions and thoughts. Similarly, looking at art can evoke strong emotions, many of which will inspire one to take action. Seeing a work of art brimming with the artist’s inner thoughts can help the viewer see exactly what they were thinking and intending with the piece. 


Lime Green Giraffe: Why do you think it is important to take actions like tree planting and honoring trees?


Lea M.: Trees are deeply important to the world we live in, and it is a tragedy that we as humans are destroying them. They do so much for us, and we absolutely need to plant and honor trees. Trees provide oxygen, remove carbon dioxide from the air, prevent erosion with their roots, and supply food and homes for wildlife and us. It is absurd that humans cut them down, which is exactly why tree planting and honoring trees are so important.

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