By: Kylie J.

Trees intertwine without a limit anywhere in sight

Possibilities beyond the reach of the branches

Their bodies are filled with life and color

Its stature mighty

but yet so kind to all things around

Its roots were resistant for it is in the undergrowth of the soil

Roots like open wide hands spread far and wide 

just out of grasp

They distributed the air we inhale

Yet its choices held no discrimination 

It admired and saw the beauty in everything

It witnessed the happy moments of 

kids climbing up its limbs and seeing who could touch the sky first

The sweetest purest souls were their favorite

The trees still stood tall when the kids grew into teens

They would hide in the branches sharing laughs and so many secrets 

Afraid that if they left the haven they would have to face the horrors of reality

As the teens grew the trees were still there 

The trees witnessed the pain as one of the teens sat alone 

in front of the tree, their first pet was buried at

It was there when they had their first heartbreak 

It stood watch over all those years

Over and over again this cycle happened

But never once did the tree grow tired

It was connected to the Earth 

And to us all                                                          

So as long as that tree stayed alive

It would continue to love and be at peace in the beauty of the world

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