By Maya S.

When buying makeup products it’s important to search for quality. My mom tells me to avoid products with harmful chemicals. I wrote this to explain to you, the reader, about products that I use daily and how they are great for school. All of the makeup tips below are middle school and age appropriate. 

Lip Scrubs

I use a tinted lip scrub about 3-4 times a week. I use a tinted lip scrub. It’s from St. Ives. When you rinse it off it tints your lips a red color. The product also comes in different flavors and colored tints. It’s made with 100% natural sugars.

Lip Balms

I use lip balm on a daily basis. My favorite is Pixi by Petra. This product also comes in different colors such as red. This lasts up to 18 months. Pixi by Petra products are natural-based botanical ingredients.


When picking out mascara I look for one that will make my eyelashes full and long. When applying mascara, you don’t need to do the bottom layer lashes. To apply it go all the way to your eyelash roots (not just the tips). Move the brush from left to right while moving slowly up. On the first row of your lashes, you should also do the top. I like Thrive cosmetics. They are 100% vegan and cruelty free.


I use Lancome eyeshadow. To apply eyeshadow start with the darkest color as eyeliner. I like to then use the glitter shade. Be sure to keep it below the brow bone. Always finish with the lightest color on the brow bone. When you’re done then use a brush to blend. 

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