By: Maggie E. and Evelyn H.

I can see it now, you are sitting at home and have no idea what to do. Being bored is never fun, and it can be hard to find something interesting to do. Here is a long list of 50 things to do whenever you are bored. There is a wide range from cooking, to art, to adventure, and you are bound to find something to fill up your time with.


  • Paint your nails

  • Learn how to knit

  • Make decorations for your room

  • Try drawing or writing with your non-dominant hand

  • Flip to a random page in a book and draw that scene

  • Paint with your eyes closed

  • Make a birdhouse/fairy house

  • Come up with details for a story you made

  • Make a scrapbook page

  • Pick five random colors and make a drawing out of them

  • Make friendship bracelets and give them to your friends

  • Write a song

  • Try journaling

  • Try writing in different fonts

  • Make a new favorite treat

  • Try a new recipe


  • Do 50 jumping jacks

  • Look for flowers outside

  • Scavenger hunt for things that start with B

  • Choreograph/learn a dance routine to your favorite song

  • Make animal noises

  • Decorate rocks and put them along sidewalks

  • Make a map of your neighborhood

  • Go for a walk

  • Teach your pet a new trick


  • Birdwatch

  • Cloudwatch

  • Crossword puzzle

  • Yoga

  • Lay on the floor and imagine you are in your happy place

  • Look through old pictures

  • Play a board game with your family

  • Do a word search


  • Rediscover an old passion- PlayDoh, anyone?

  • Watch a movie

  • Sing your favorite song from start to finish

  • Try a new hairstyle

  • Do some funky eyeliner/makeup

  • Try ventriloquism

  • Play 20 questions with a friend

  • Make new outfit combinations

  • Reorganize your room/a section of your room

  • Call an old friend you haven't talked to in a long time

  • Make a fort

  • Try to make a really long domino chain

  • Try to make a house of cards

  • Learn a magic trick

  • Find riddles/puzzles and try to solve them

  • Make a list of books you want to read

  • Learn how to say hello in a bunch of different languages

So there you have it! 50 totally fun things to do when you’re tired of the monotony in everyday life. Play around with this list, and spice up your typical afternoon with any of our ideas! We hope you enjoyed looking over this list. Have fun with all these new activities to try!

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