By: Kendall M.


Have you ever thought about what is your fashion style? Is it grunge or emo or streetwear? I’ve been thinking about mine and I’ve decided it doesn’t always have to just be one style. It can be multiple! I’m going to help you experiment and find what your fashion style is!


Streetwear is based on hip-hop style clothing. Streetwear can be seen anywhere but it is popular in New York City or South Korea. Streetwear is found in cities and it can be worn by anyone! 

To fit the streetwear style you will need: a pair of sweatpants or loose jeans, some high top shoes or Nikes, a beanie or bucket hat, a loosely fitting graphic tee, and a long sleeve colored under shirt. 

Once you put it all together you have streetwear fashion! 


If streetwear is not your style, try grunge! grunge gives off a 90s aesthetic vibe and it is slightly similar to Streetwear. I like to think of Grunge as more of a rock style clothing. I think most people do not have a grunge type of style, so you might be one of the few to dress in grunge style clothing! 

To fit the grunge style you will need: a pair of ripped jeans, some stockings with holes, a band graphic tee shirt, a striped black and white shirt, a black denim jacket, and some slightly dirty white shoes. 

Once you put it all together you will have Grunge fashion! 

Soft Girl 

If grunge has not caught your eye then try soft fashion! Soft fashion mostly features pastel colored clothing and cute shirts! Just like grunge, not many people have a soft girl fashion style. This fashion style mostly occurs during the summer and I think is a very aesthetically pleasing style.

To fit the soft girl fashion style, you will need: A pastel colored skirt or pair of jeans (the jeans can have hearts on them or another fun design), a cropped pastel colored shirt or regular tee shirt that is a pastel color , some white shoes, and a fluffy jacket! 

Put it all together and you have soft girl fashion! 

If these styles were not your faves then try another one! There are so many different styles out there. Maybe even create your own style, you are your own person! So go out there, love your look and be YOU! 

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