By: Kylie J.

fine china is what i’m called 

for what does this mean where is the beauty that others seek and admire

I’m left in the cupboard untouched and fragile

other dishes constantly coming in and out

being used and reused again

cracks and chips along the edges

but what is my purpose if I am to be left alone

I am nothing more than an object that sits and collects dust

fine vanity that your mothers adores

I’m an exhibit of your wealth

a display of your successful lineage

my worth is weighed by my price

you feel safe knowing that i am left alone

untouched and unused

but what is this life if i have not yet lived

covered in cracks and chips

for it is not a life at all if i have no evidence to show that i’ve tried

because a life is fragile but fragile enough to still live

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