By: Mariah W.

We all felt shocked, saddened, scared, and helpless when the conflict in Ukraine began in February 2022. As Girls Scouts we promise and pledge to “help people at all times” and “to make the world a better place.” As a Girl Scout, this is something I take to heart. 

Girl Scout troops across the country and world asked how they could support Ukraine. Girl Scouts of the USA Board of Directors have lifted the fundraising restrictions through Friday September 30, 2022. This means that Girl Scouts can raise money to help our sister Girl Guides, volunteers, and their families that were affected by the war. Girl Scouts can host a car wash, walk/run race, bake sale, lemonade stand to raise funds to support the people of Ukraine. 

Girl Scouts that feel called to help Ukraine can choose from a list of approved charities by the GSUSA. 

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Emergency Relief Appeal (Ukraine Crisis): This group was launched to help Girl Scouts and Girl Guide organizations in and around Ukraine. They give support and supplies to refugees at border crossings. They give out water, food, clothing, and feminine products. This is Girl Scouts helping Girl Scouts and their families and volunteers. 

Doctors Without Borders: This organization helps with medical needs and supplies. They have been in Ukraine for a long time. They provide mobile clinics for mental health and treatment for illnesses and conditions they had before the war. Doctors Without Border also supplies medicine, surgical, trauma, and ER services. People in Ukraine are in desperate need of insulin for diabetes and inhalers for asthma. They also provide medical evacuations by train and railways.

International Rescue Committee: This organization helps Ukrainians with the evacuation process. They give refugees information on where to go for safety and support. The International Rescue Committee provides blankets, sleeping bags, clothing and even cash. In Poland they are helping refugees with legal issues and paperwork. 

Save the Children- Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund:  There are so many children displaced and in danger because of this war. This organization will help children and their families with clothing, food, shelter, mental health, hygiene, and financial needs. There are millions of Ukrainian children that need aid.

Voices of Children: War and conflict can be hard on children and their mental health. This group has been in Ukraine since 2015 helping children with their psychological and psychosocial needs. The trauma these children are facing can last a lifetime and they will need all the mental health services available.

CARE- Ukraine Crisis Fund: This charity is a crisis response team that hopes to earn four million dollars to help the refugees in the Ukraine war zone. CARE will make women, children, and the elderly a priority. They will provide cash, food, water, and other essential items and services to the people suffering and impacted by this war.

United Help Ukraine: This is a Maryland based charity. Their focus is medical supplies, humanitarian aid, wounded warriors and raising awareness.

Now that the Girl Scout Year is beginning, there is still time to raise money and awareness about the ways Girl Scouts can help the people of Ukraine. Girl Scout troops have until the end of September to complete fundraising activities for the crisis in Ukraine. These are amazing charities and organizations that Girl Scouts have permission to donate money to and fundraise. 

In this digital age we can raise awareness through our social media. We are creative and generous people who can produce awesome ways to fundraise for Ukraine. Whether it is a chili cook off or a silent auction every penny counts and is appreciated. 

As Girl Scouts we have a pledge and a promise to help people. I know, we take our sisterhood seriously and we need to help our sisters in Ukraine. Let’s spread the word! 


How Girl Scouts can support Ukraine ( 

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