Willow H.

Think about what you want to draw before you draw it

If you get “artist’s block,” where you can’t think of anything to draw, think about things you like to do or things you like. For example: I enjoy nature and taking walks so I might draw a girl walking through the forest or even the night sky. This tip helps you know what you want to draw and sketch it instead of just winging it.

Have a color scheme before you start

When you start with a color scheme, it helps you find what you want to draw and how you want to combine colors. If you're trying to create a color scheme, I would recommend that you find a color that you like and then look at a color wheel. Find colors that complement each other. Try to find one that has dark and light colors and also find colors that help your drawing to be coherent.

Start with a pencil before you go in with color

This tip helps with making your drawing look a lot cleaner. Going in with color makes it look sloppy because it can’t be erased once it’s on the page. This relates to the first tip. Start your sketch with a pencil If you don't have a pencil then use a pen.

Break down objects into shapes

When you are drawing something like an apple or a cat, divide it into shapes. While drawing a cat, for example, you need to divide it into ovals and circles. This helps you show the parts of a body. 

Just keep practicing

The more you practice, the better you get. Whether it’s quick sketches or big drawings, the more practice the better artist you will become. Even if it's bad drawings, it will help.

Take photos

If you have a device nearby, take a photo and rotate it so you can have a different perspective. This helps find any imperfections in the drawing. It also can help an artist see something in a different way so they can draw something that someone else can’t see.

Here is a demonstration video of Willow drawing while explaining her process:


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