From: Bailey M.

You’re walking home from school. You’ve had a long day and you’re ready to get home. You smile as you think about the snack of Animal Crackers and a strawberry-kiwi Capri Sun your mother sets out for you daily. As you walk on, you reach a stop light that’s green, resulting in you having to wait for the light to turn red allowing you to cross. As you stop, you hear a low rumbling sound. You feel the ground shake. All of a sudden, the ground underneath you cracks; resulting in the ground opening up before swallowing you and pulling you under. You check your body for broken bones, luckily you’re all in one piece. As you now survey your surroundings, you see nothing but black darkness. As you blink your eyes repetitively in an attempt to see more than black, you see a lit sign that reads EXIT. You run as fast as you can, yearning to EXIT the blank space. After what seems like days, you finally reach the sign. Underneath it is a door. On the door in big red letters is another sign that reads OPEN TO LEAVE THIS VOID. You then claw at the door attempting to open it, but to your bewilderment there is no knob. You do everything you can to exit this black hole but there is no success. You’re stuck. Period. After coming to terms with that there’s no escape you sit in front of the door empty minded. You slowly watch the words on the door change until an entire new message is written. WELL DONE. YOU’VE PASSED THE TEST. YOU ARE HEREBY DECLARED THE NEW GURU-MAVEN OF THE BLACK HOLE. You then begin to feel really weird, as if new strength is inside of you. The door then becomes transparent and you see someone walking away. With newfound knowledge and wisdom, you finally understand what’s going on. That person who had just walked away was the guardian/guru-maven before you. They had become sucked into the black void and had come to terms that they were there for good before receiving their title. You then realize that you’re stuck in the void until the earth decides to swallow another unsuspecting human. That sucks.

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