By: Kailey G.

Music is a way to spread what you want to say mixed with a catchy beat. So, how do you make music? Well it is not hard. First you just find what you're going to make it about. Should it be about someone you love, or should it be about overcoming challenges? Either way music can be about anything. Get what you want to write about and start!

Next, you want to find a beat. Think about if what you’re writing about should be fast and have lots of beat drops, or if it should be slow with an acoustic section. When you find your beat, you can finally think of the most important part of a song, lyrics! 

After you go through finding inspiration, and finding a beat, you can finally write lyrics. Some people do this before, but I personally think doing this after is better. So, when writing lyrics you can go off beat for a beat, then go back on beat. That’s the cool thing about music. It does not need to be perfect. If your lyrics fit with your theme, and sound catchy you are ready for the last step!

Finally, the last step is recording and production. When you record you are getting ready to make your song heard, literally! You can add ad libs, or harmonies in the back of your song. It’s even better if you have a microphone or a headset for recording.

After editing and recording, you can finally say that you have made your song. If you spent a long time recording your song don’t just let it sit. Share with your family, post it online, or send it into your school for a try out. If you think it’s good enough, you could try and use it for a talent show, or if you have one, use it for your band. Writing music is not hard, nor is it really stressful. It's just about feeling. So how about you? What do you feel like writing? 

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