By: Jaclyn M.

Q: Does it ever get lonely because all the other trees around are way taller than you?

A: A little, but the taller trees are my mentors, and I am able to mentor the seedlings and ivy, so they keep me company.

Q: Has a bird ever made a nest in your branches? If so, did you like it?

A: A family of robins did move in for the spring a few years ago, and I rather enjoyed the company of a different species.

Q: Can you speak to birds?

A: I can, but I usually prefer plants. On occasion, however, like when the robins moved in, I do enjoy having long chats with birds.

Q: You mentioned that you mentor the smaller greenery and are mentored by the taller trees, what do you teach/learn?

A: Well, from the taller trees I learn how to grow strong and tall, bird etiquette, when to drop my leaves, and more. I also teach the smaller plants much of the same lessons. Oh! And excuse me, but the older oak is calling me for a branch growing lesson. It was so nice to meet you, goodbye!

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