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The Met Gala has been in charge of some of the best fashion moments in history countless times, and we have them to thank for the many trends and pictures that we see today. We also have to thank them for a glimpse of a fashion show filled with exclusive celebrities every year. So in celebration of this year's Met Gala I’ve composed a list of my all-time best-dressed looks. This list is in no particular order.

Rihanna 2015 

Rihanna has been iconic ever since she made her debut in the music world. But she also has a hold on the fashion world. One of her most iconic looks was at the 2015 Met Gala and the theme “China: Through the Looking Glass,” when she came out sporting a custom dress by Chinese designer Guo Pei. The dress was a deep yellow and fur-trimmed with a humongous train and details not everyone could even catch seeing her the first time. She paired the show-stopping dress with a headpiece and crystal necklace. This outfit is one of her most iconic looks of all time and is sure to be talked about forever.

Cardi B. 2018

Cardi B. made everyone hold their breath as she stepped onto the carpet at the 2018 carpet “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” The dress that she wore was dripping with crystals and pearls followed by a grand train. She paired the magnificent dress with a headpiece covered in the same things that tied the whole look together. Not to mention she was pregnant at the same time. She sure was heavenly all together. She executed the theme perfectly and added more to it. 

Lady Gaga 2019

Did you even doubt Lady Gaga wouldn’t make this list? Every single one of her looks has been memorable and blown us away, but during the 2019 Camp-themed Met Gala we all stared at our screens as she stepped out onto the carpet. It was incredible. The theme was truly her time to shine. Beheld as the queen of camp Lady Gaga had a costume change of 4 times! And she killed every single one. It started with a big pink dress with a bow and a long train. As if this wasn’t enough she also had dancers help her up the steps. Brandon Maxwell the designer of most of Lady Gaga’s looks including this one unzipped her dress to reveal a black dress that cinched her in. Then she stripped to a crystal bra and panties. And for her final look, she became Barbie with a hot pink gown, which she paired with a pair of sunglasses and a crystal necklace. She topped off by applying lipstick in front of the cameras on the red carpet.

Blake Lively 2022

I’m going to admit that in my opinion, the 2022 Met Gala ‘In America: An Anthology of Fashion’ and the dress code of ‘Gilded Glamour’, has to be one of the worst dressed Met Galas ever. No one but a few followed the theme and even the few that tried didn't blow me away. That was except for Blake Lively. She caught everyone’s attention with her dramatic dress transformation. She entered in a rose gold ball gown that shined and shimmered with a huge bow. The transformation happened soon after with the bow being untied to reveal a gorgeous blue train and gloves to match. She also wore a crown that topped it off. It symbolized the Statue of Liberty and its transformation through the years. And the transformation on the carpet blew us all away.

Rihanna 2018

This list wouldn’t quite be perfect if Rihanna didn’t make another appearance. The queen of the Met Gala struck with another look at the 2018 Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination Met Gala. The icon showed up to the event dressed as a bedazzled pope. She wore a jewel and pearl encrusted robe with a matching papal miter and necklace that tied it together. The look was designed by Margiela and Rihanna wore it perfectly.

Naomi Campbell 1995

Twenty-Seven years later and Naomi Campbell’s 1995 Met Gala Haute Couture look is still being revisited. During the height of her career, Naomi Campbell stepped onto the red carpet in a Versace dazzling silver strapless gown that blew everyone away. Her impact on the fashion world has made us still look up to her today and this is one of the Gala's greatest looks of all time.

Zendaya 2018

Zendaya’s 2018 Heavenly Bodies look was a hit for everyone. She wore a custom-made metallic armored dress by Versace and her stylist Law Roach which channeled the theme flawlessly. She also sported an auburn wig that was cropped to a bob. The look was inspired by Saint Joan of Arc. Zendaya is not only an iconic actor but also a fashionista.

Princess Diana 1996

Princess Diana made her first and only Met Gala appearance in 1996 and stole the show. The Gala was to honor the legend of Christian Dior and Princess Diana debuted the most stunning looks that night. The dress was a navy silk slip dress and details covered the neckline and straps to furthermore accentuate the features of Princess Diana. She also wore the iconic pearl and sapphire choker that was built from a brooch gifted to her by the Queen Mother on her wedding day. With it, she paired her sapphire and diamond earrings and her sapphire engagement ring. Tragically, this event was one of the last major events that Diana was able to attend before her death the following year. However, her impact and legacy live on for generations.

Cher 1974

Cher surprised everyone in 1974 when she stepped out dressed by Bob Mackie in a sheer gown beaded with crystals and white feathered sleeves and skirt. Almost everything was visible through the dress. The dress turned every head in the nation and caused an outpour of support or hate from people everywhere.  Bob Mackie and Cher did not let that affect them though they still look back on the iconic night that happened decades ago. But today the dress will go down as being one of the most unique and remarkable dresses created.

Lil’ Kim 1999

Lil’ Kim has been daring and striking with her fashion choices since the beginning. Back in 1999 at the Met Gala Rock Style theme, Lil’ Kim stepped out with an iconic pink Versace outfit. It includes a luscious pink fur coat, bedazzled pink bra, and shorts to match. She also stopped the show with the most gorgeous python boots. Fun fact the boots were only made for the runway therefore they were only produced in a  size 8. Lil’ Kim wore a size 4 ½ but that did not stop her from being a fashion icon. She kept the show going and wore the shoes anyway.

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