By Lea M.

When the nights get dark and stormy, one of the most comforting things can be a funny show with a cast of characters you know and adore. Sitcoms are a beloved genre of TV, and an art form when done well. Most people know classics like The Office, but sometimes the classics can get boring. If you’re searching for something new to watch, this list is for you!

  1. Community is a six-season TV show centered around a study group at an eccentric community college. You watch as Jeff Winger, a disgraced former lawyer, meets a TV fanatic, a social activist, a former football star, a single mother, an almost-valedictorian, and the heir to a moist paper towel empire. The group bonds and becomes like a family in the midst of crazy, chaotic genre-bending episodes and hilarious hijinks.

  1. If you’re looking for a wacky workplace comedy, Superstore is the sitcom for you! The show follows Amy Sosa as floor supervisor in Cloud 9, a big-box store. She and the hugely diverse cast of employees face crazy customers, freak natural disasters, ridiculous drama, and blooming romances throughout six amazing seasons.

  1. With five seasons, Arrested Development is about a rich family whose patriarch gets arrested for embezzling. His son, Michael Bluth, is forced to step up and take over their business while dealing with his crazy relatives. You watch as the Bluths learn to finally get along and live in the real world without all their money.

  1. The Good Place, lasting four seasons, explores the story of Eleanor Shellstrop after her death. She is taken to “The Good Place,” a magical paradise afterlife for lifetime of being an incredible person. The only problem is she was actually a horrible person and ended up in The Good Place by mistake. Eleanor meets her soulmate, a pesky neighbor-turned-friend, a magical robot, and a silent monk. She journeys her way through the afterlife trying to learn to be a good person in order to avoid detection, with plenty of plot twists along the way!

  1. Parks and Recreation is a seven-season workplace sitcom that follows Leslie Knope, an over-excited government employee for the Parks and Recreation department. Alongside her quirky coworkers, you watch Leslie as she dreams and struggles to make her town a better place.

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