By Lei’Lani J.

October. A month filled with colorful leaves, crisp air, and Friday night football! Can’t you taste the fall with pumpkin lattes, cinnamon cappuccinos, and warm sweet potato scones? However, most people associate October with Halloween, that time of the year when ghoulish, creepy and teeth-chattering things go bump in the day and night - like vampires.

The legend of vampires’ dates to 1897. The first vampire, Count Dracula, appeared in Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula. The myth was that in order for vampires to survive, they must feed on human blood. Their sharp fangs are used to feed their hunger and consequently turns their victims into vampires also. These powerful creations can only hunt at night due to the light weakening their superpowers. Vampires are believed to be so powerful that they can become a wolf or bat. But the question remains, did or do vampires exist?

According to some researchers, Bram Stoker based his character on an unmerciful Romanian ruler, Vlad Dracul from Transylvania, Romania. According to history, Vlad Dracul would include ingesting blood in his routine. According to, there are communities with people who identify as vampires. They live in places such as New Orleans, Louisiana and all the way in South Africa! They practice vampirism by drinking blood coupled with eating normal food. Vampire communities claim they feel empowered with their practice. 

So as fall and Halloween approaches, remember you may not see someone wearing a dark coat with fangs. They may be sitting beside you drinking that cinnamon cappuccino cheering on their favorite team under the Friday Night lights! GOOO VAMPS! 

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