What is the Lime Green Giraffe? 

The Lime Green Giraffe is a magazine that has the ability to bring everyone together by sharing experiences, advice, hobbies, ideas, and the voices of our staff in order to provide a fresh perspective on anything from current events to new skills.

As we’ve emerged from the pandemic, many things in the world have changed, but the Lime Green Giraffe has not. This staff remains dedicated to delivering stories on real-world issues as well as fun crafts, creative stories, and breathtaking art and poetry that are sure to give you goosebumps.

As you scroll through our site, you may notice a name change to one of our popular sections, formerly titled Girl Talk. The staff of the Lime Green Giraffe felt that it was only right to remove the word “girl” from this section since one of our primary focuses is inclusivity for everyone regardless of gender. With that being said, the section is now fittingly labeled as Real Talk, for the LGG keeping it real with all of our readers.

As you click through our Table of Contents for this issue, we hope that you find an article that peaks your interest, and you see the hard work and dedication our staff put into each piece of creativity. 



Happy reading!

~ Zoey L.

Lime Green Giraffe Copy Editor

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