By: Lime Green Giraffe Social Director, Evelyn H.

So, here’s the scenario: you and your Girl Scout Troop have finally arrived at your campsite for the weekend. This is going to be the best camping trip of the century! You take out your phone to make a post on your SnapChat story… and realize you have no service, or WiFi. So much for the best camping trip ever, I guess.

BUT WAIT! Even though you have no WiFi, you can still have a great time! Here are seven awesome activities you and your fellow Girl Scouts can play to make the most of your trip.

Sing Girl Scout Songs

This is a classic tradition my Girl Scout Troop enjoys on every camping trip. There are plenty of songs to choose from, from “Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow” to “The Princess Pat.” These songs are perfect for singing around a campfire, or while you walk through the campgrounds!

Play Spoons (or any other card game)

Spoons is, in my opinion, one of the best games of all time. It’s a fantastic test of patience, quick thinking, and strategizing. Here’s how to play:

  • All the players sit in a circle.

  • Count the number of players, then subtract 1 from that number. That is the amount of spoons you need to gather. Once you find them, set the spoons in the middle of the circle and don’t touch them.

  • Now, everyone should start playing any card game of choice. The goal of the game is to grab one spoon while simultaneously playing the card game, and have no one notice that you took a spoon.

  • As soon as someone notices that a spoon is missing, they have to grab a spoon too, sneakily.

  • Pretty soon, people will start noticing that the spoons are going missing one by one. Everyone will scramble to grab a spoon. Whoever does not end up with a spoon is out!

  • Rinse and repeat these steps until you have one winner.

Play Hide and Seek

This game is a very fun way to get to know the campsite. Just be careful when playing it, and never hide in a place where no one could hear you if you called out. You need to stay within a certain area, so that no one gets lost in the middle of nowhere without service.

Play Pictionary

It’s time to get creative! Grab something to draw on, and gather everyone around. Choose someone to be the artist, then have one person whisper in the artist’s ear what to draw. The artist has to draw the thing without saying anything or writing any words. Everyone else has to guess what they’re drawing (except for the whisperer, because they already know what it is). The person who makes the correct guess gets to be the next up to draw. 

Play Charades

To play Charades, you need one person to be the whisperer, just like in Pictionary. Have them whisper something to act out in the ear of the person who is “it.” That person cannot speak, and everyone must guess what they are based on their acting. The person who guesses correctly gets to be the next actor and picks someone to be the whisperer. 

Make Bracelets (and other crafts)

This is just a nice, relaxing activity without any rules. Gather around with your fellow Girl Scout Troop members and make funky jewelry while you talk about stuff! Always an enjoyable experience.

Talent Competition

We all have awesome talents and now it's time to show them off. Pick an emcee. You can have a designated judge, or e everyone vote at the end of the competition on who had the best talent. Ready. Set. Be a star! And always remember to be respectful and kind!

Now that you have some things to do without WiFi, your camping trip is certain to be a blast! If you don’t like any of these activities, perhaps they will inspire you to make your own. Best of luck to you, and happy camping!

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